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homemade haloumi burgers.

as a massive fan of haloumi, i've always wanted to make my own veggie burgers including the heavenly ingredient. these vegetarian delights are made up of chopped haloumi, mushrooms and spring onions - bound together with egg and breadcrumbs.

for this recipe, which made six patties, i used a block of haloumi, 5 spring onions, 4 button mushrooms, two eggs and four table spoons of breadcrumbs.

then simply mould into burger shapes - maybe even just do little bite size pieces if you fancy. i found this bit quite tricky and thought it was all going to be a failure but as long as you just keep them in the shape you want the haloumi will melt and stick it all together... yum!

i then baked in the oven at 200 degress for around 20 minutes - just keep checking until the haloumi is golden really! :)

i served on a ciabatta with a little heinz tomato ketchup with sweet chilli twist which was recently sent to me. haloumi and sweet chilli are definitely a match made in heaven and this ketchup is a must for the bbq season!

what do you think? if you have any veggie bbq recipes please share! :) 

ps. is it haloumi or halloumi - who knows?


  1. Oh My Gosh! I adore haloumi, totally bookmarking this recipe for this weekend! Looks amazing :-)
    New follower alert!
    The Pantry Door

  2. I can't enough of it either! Hope you enjoy the recipe :)
    Will check out your blog now too!

    Emily xx