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the liebster award.

So I hadn't heard of this lovely idea until I was nominated myself by lucy scott bakes alot - a baker and a crafter who has some brilliantly indulgent recipes! You can also see her other liebster nominations here.

"The liebster award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 10 random facts about themselves, answer the 10 questions from the award giver, and then nominate other bloggers and make up 10 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

I think this is a fab idea and couldn't wait to get going... so firstly I'll write 10 random facts about me.

♥ My initials are ELC like the toy shop Early Learning Centre.
♥ My favourite colour is green.
♥ I have a diastema in my teeth... also known as a gap tooth.
♥ I have an addiction to buying duvet sets. 
♥ When I was seventeen I met mark hoppus of Blink 182.
♥ I studied MA Print Journalism with NCTJs but have since forgotten most of the shorthand.
♥ I have three tattoos; a rose, a key and the letter E.
♥ My favourite karaoke song is Valerie.
♥ I always name my cars; so far LuigiFreddie and now Felix.
♥ I am a total Japanophile and could probably live off the cuisine. especially sushi which I was lucky enough to write my dissertation on. Yum.

Well I hope they were alright... I'll test you later! Now for Lucy's questions...

 What is your favourite baking "discipline" and why - i.e, cakes, pastry, bread...
Although I'm not much of a baker, my favourite thing to bake by far is tarts. I love that you can make sweet or savoury tarts (i'm probably better at savoury recipes) and i'm a sucker for a good Bakewell.

...and your least favourite 
I don't really like anything with dried fruit or cooked fruit so I'd have to say something like a fruit loaf or Christmas cake... not that I've ever made them and I'm sure they're really hard to get right. But most things, if I like the idea of them even if they turn out a bit rubbish I still enjoy making them.

 Do you watch the great british bake off .. who is your favourite EVER contestant and why?
I can't say I've ever got into it actually - I'm more of a Masterchef girl! however Holly Bell sticks in my mind since I've followed her on twitter I've seen some great recipes and what's more... shes from Leicestershire!

♥ What made you decide to take up blogging, what keeps you carrying on? 
I began blogging whilst at uni about everything and everything - wasn't particular food or fashion just what was on my mind. one was about how much I hated snow (bah humbug). It was sort of for practice and a means of "work experience" as I knew I wanted to get into writing as a job. Then when I started cooking for myself more at uni i decided to start up this blog especially for food - to document my recipes really. I don't really think I even had twitter then. but now I've got involved with chatting to other foodies it's been great sharing recipes and ideas!

♥ When you are not whipping up a storm in the kitchen what else ticks your boxes to pass the time? 
Now I've been asked this I feel like my life revolves around food... a lot! At weekends I try and go out for dinner or cooking something new for myself. I live in the midlands so there are lots of nice national trust places and countryside walks to go on - Bradgate Park, Calke Abbey, Peak District... I do also just enjoy general girl things like going out for overpriced cocktails, buying dresses that all look the same and visiting friends who have moved all over the UK after uni. I could happily shop for homeware for a good few hours too.

 What has been your biggest baking success ... ?
This probably seems really easy peasy to the hardcore bakers out there but I was quite proud of my jubilee battenberg. it took quite a while to get all the colours right for the red, white and blue and a lot of patience with the marzipan. 

♥ And disaster...
Probably the first time I made brownies. I got far too overexcited with the chocolate pieces that were supposed to be "chunks" so the whole thing basically just melted and collapsed. I also didn't put it in for long enough at all and just took it out exactly when the recipe said to... so it all just was basically chocolate mush on a cake stand. Unsurprisingly, that one didn't make the blog.

 From which country do you get your biggest baking inspiration, for example rustic Italian breads or the good old British victoria sponge? 
When I do bake I feel like I always go for the classic favourites; brownies, bakewell tart, chocolate cake. I'm cheating a bit by changing this into "cooking inspiration" in which case it would be Japan or China. I am totally addicted to the sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seed combination at the moment - keep trying out new Japanese broths too.

♥ Who inspired you to take up baking?
I would actually say people i follow on twitter and instagram inspire me to try new baking recipes. Otherwise I would probably stick to more meal ideas and my pasta making and i'm more of a savoury girl/meal lover at heart. As far as celebs go, I'd probably say Nigella as I love her brownie, flourless brownie and chocolate tart recipes as well as her Italian books.

♥  What is the best cake / bake you have eaten and still dream about...?
Probably in a place called The Rude Shipyard in Sheffield. It's a cute little bookshop come cafe where the staff bake/cook a few cakes, maybe some veggie chilli, soup, slow cooked stews each day and that is pretty much what's on the menu. I had a guinness cake there and always dream about making one just as good.

So now my nomineeeeeeeees...
(Also there were a few other ones but they had already been nominated and i wasn't sure on the rules!)

gingey bites
Full of hearty recipe ideas, tasty treats and well written restaurant reviews - the best part is they are mostly midlands based so i can actually visit the places! :)

Exactly what it says on the tin - lots of lovely baking ideas! Also recently started doing meal planning posts which are a great read. Looking forward to meeting this lady at my first cake club soon!

One of my housemates from when I was at uni in SheffieldSarah has writes a brilliant blog  these days full of showstopping cakes (seriously - go and look!) as well as gripping  film and book reviews. 

A mixture of sweet treats and culinary adventures with a really cute blog layout. Recently started following Sophie on instagram and getting pretty jealous at all the yummy pics.

Amy's blog follows her mixing, chopping, baking and whipping up a storm on her chef diploma training. A really interesting read with lots of chef skills to be learnt.

So my questions, should you choose to accept the challenge, are...

♥ How would you sum up your blog in five words?
♥ Where did your blog name come from?
♥ What is your ultimate favourite cuisine?
♥ What foodie product or utensil could you not live without?
♥ Do you think you could go veggie and why/why not. if you already are - what is your favourite recipe?
♥ What would you cook if you went on "come dine with me" ?
♥ Who is your favourite celebrity chef and why?
 If you were to make an icecream with three scoops, any flavour, what would they be?
♥ What is your earliest memory of cooking/baking?
♥ Last but not least... sweet or savoury?

Hope you've enjoyed my liebster post - I think you'd all really enjoy each other's blogs if you don't follow already! Really looking forward to the answers and thanks again to lucy for the nomination!

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