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homemade dips with warburtons' escapes chips.

when i found out about warburtons' escapes chips i thought it'd be a great chance to try out making homemade dips. but these aren't just any old chip for dippin' - british bakers warburtons have stuck to their bread loving routes and created a pitta-based snack with 45% less fat than potato crisps. i was sent sea salt and cracked black pepper, sour cream and chive, spicy chilli jack and sea salt and malt vinegar.

for these i made an edamame and chilli dip and posh houmous - both found on bbc good food. i found the edamame and chilli had an expected kick which went well with the black pepper and sour cream (my personal faves!) and the stronger flavour of salt and vinegar and chilli jack (a little too spicy for me!) went well with the cooler houmous flavour. they were really light and were a great shape and texture for dipping (bit of snackology for you).

so how did i make them?

for the edamame and chilli dip           for the posh houmous
300g frozen soya beans                                        400g chickpeas 
150 low fat natural yogurt                                olive oil
one red chilli (i used very lazy)                          the juice of one lemon
the juice of one lime                                               two spring onions, chopped
one garlic clove, crushed                                     two tomatoes, chopped
one red onion, chopped                                        paprika, to sprinkle
handful of coriander, chopped

so firstly i made the edamame (soya bean) and chilli dip... i began by blending the soya beans, yogurt and garlic. oh and the red chilli and lime juice too! :)

when smooth, add in the coriander and onions. i did these pictures in a weird order and got a bit excited with my new next blender. i didn't really chop the ingredients up much either as i was testing the power of my new purchase. essentially... blitz it all up!

this was definitely my favourite out of the two... it had a really kick with the garlic, red onion and chilli, yet wasn't too hot at all. the yogurt really cooled it down and the soya beans gave it  a little something different. 

so onto the "posh" houmous. this was my first time making houmous and i'm not sure i quite got the exact classic texture and taste as i think i overdid the lemon. however it was a really good recipe especially with the chunky spring onion and tomatoes stirred through.

begin by blending the chick peas until a dry but fairly smooth paste.

add in the lemon juice and olive oil to taste; as well as water to get the desired texture.

stir through the tomatoes and spring onions, sprinkle with the paprika and voila... swanky houmous! 

and here they are...

which dip sounds like your cup of tea? how about the warburtons' flavours?

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