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chorizo, chicken and chickpea casserole.

in terms of cuisine, i tend to lean towards either asian inspired dishes or italian with my new found love for pasta making! in the search for something new, i found myself using the handy "cuisine type" option on bbc good food and clicking on... spanish! here i stumbled upon simon rimmer's chorizo, chicken and chickpea casserole and instantly had to try it. 

i did slightly tweak as i didn't use sherry in mine (and probably a bit more than just a splash of red wine) but on the whole i stuck to the recipe - which was delicious! i also halved to make three portions.

begin by browning the chicken thighs and sitting aside to keep warm. i just put mine in the oven on a low heat. then, put all the veg in a pan together with the chilli (i used very lazy chilli not flakes).

you then add a splash of red wine - but i put in pretty much the whole of a mini bottle;) it smelt deleicious as it reduced!

in another pan, fry off the chorizo in sherry until crispy. i missed out the sherry like i said - so i can't judge on whether that would have added to it or not. though i'm sure it would! also, i wasn't sure what it meant by "pan" so for this used a saucepan, which i later tipped all the ingredients in to.

next, you add the chopped tomatoes and bring to the boil, simmer for five minutes. then do the same with the chicken stock. i used vegetable stock for this as i'm still getting through the ones kallo sent me ages ago!

you then being everything together, along with the chick peas, chicken and chorizo, in a large pan. i probably should have started in a saucepan as transferring the tomato mixture was tricky!

the next step is to simmer for 20-25 minutes. i then actually made up around 200ml more stock and added that in as i wanted the chicken to be submerged as it simmered. this could depend on your pan size i suppose or maybe was because i was lacking in sherry :) i also added some of the parsley into the mix at this stage too.

so then i left that to simmer for maybe just over 25 mins and served up with with crusty ciabatta rolls. the sauce was so moreish and luckily i had leftovers for the next day. yum! this would be great on a more wintery day but due to english weather being so unpredictable it was actually rainy and grey outside.

looking for a veggie or i suppose even vegam alternative? if you take out the meat and replace with more pulses i would really recommend adding paprika as the chorizo flavour really makes this dish! :)

does anyone else have any spanish inspired recipes they would recommend?


  1. I got made this by my girlfriend not that long ago.. Gotta say it's one of the best stews EVER! The smokey flavour the chorizo adds is beaut! ;-)

  2. Looks great, will be giving this a try.