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field&flower: premium somerset produce from the farm to your door.

voted the best meat box 2012 in the independent, i recently heard about the brilliant (and building) reputation of field&flower. producing and delivering premium, free range, organic meat from their somerset based farm, field&flower have an array of options ranging from classic cuts of beef, good old british sausages and roasting joints to the more adventurous wood pigeon, venison and rabbit. (i'm really sorry my veggie and vegan friends but it's probably best you avert your eyes to some vegan and veggie recipes instead...) 

so off i went to browse their produce and research some recipes to try out that would bring out the extra special meat i was ordering :) on their site, there is the option to buy a regular or "one-off" balanced box of meat to suit your lifestyle or occasion - such as the family barbecue, the skinny, the slow roast, thrifty beef and the seasonal game. 

another option is to work on credits so you can pick your own. so for example with the small meat box which is £55 you get 85 credits; this could get you something like one large chicken, two rump steaks, two gammon steaks, one large beef mince, one small lamb mince, a pack of homemade somerset lamb burgers, pork and leek sausages and two packs of streaky bacon. there are sauces and condiments to go with each meat too!

it suited me to pick the meat individually as i just cook for myself and occasionally my boyfriend or housemates. i went with a 1kg boned and rolled pork belly joint for £10.35, 400g diced wild venison at £6.60 and four wild wood pigeon breasts at £6. as you can see it came in an ice box which kept it cool all day whilst i was at work. 

so, what did i make?

first i made homemade red wine venison ravioli. 

this was made by slow cooking the diced venison in red wine - something which was so simple with my slow cooker and would have tasted delicious and rich with linguini or spaghetti. however i was recently bought a pasta machine (by my grandparents - so cute!) and so loved the idea of making a ravioli. the pasta sauce was made with a little of the venison infused stock as well as tomatoes and onions.

next up was a salad in the sun; smoked wood pigeon salad with walnuts, lardons and a walnut oil based dressing. this was the first time i'd cooked with wild wood pigeon - i'm so glad i got it from such a high quality butchers as the flavour was so fresh yet rich. i tea smoked it this time thought think i'd like to try it again but pan fry it rare.

if you'd like to try game but not sure about preperation, there are some tasty looking wild venison sausages and wild venison burgers which would be great for trying out the flavour without worrying too much about cooking in a certain way.

lastly on the sunday i made a chinese twist on a roast with poppa wan's show-stopping twice-cooked melting pork. wow what a tongue twister! i absolutely loved this recipe - so fragrant and utterly indulgent!

three recipes with three totally different meats; local farmers, local farms, local butchery... a simple and flexible ordering system with a comprehensive list of farmers and suppliers right down to the breed and butchery date. 

would you ever order a meal or meat delivery box? what recipe ideas do you have?

note: i chose, ordered and paid for the field&flower delivery box myself. i was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own. i just wanted to treat myself, okay? :)