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king prawn gyoza.

I've been loving trying out my dumpling folding skills lately, most recently with a fragrant steamed tofu potsticker recipe. Although I use the word skills lightly as I've still got so much to learn. Just like sushi and dim sum, I love little bites such as Japanese gyoza because you can eat as many or as little as you like. I made these as a starter between three, before having a vegetarian katsu curry with sticky rice for our main. 

Shopping list.
makes twelve gyoza
♥ 12 dumpling wrappers, defrosted
♥ 200g cooked king prawns
♥ a handful of coriander
♥ two garlic cloves
♥ one inch of fresh ginger
♥ two spring onions
♥ one tbsp sesame seeds
♥ one tbsp sesame oil
♥ one tbsp soy sauce
♥ a little plain flour or cornflour to prevent sticking 

Step one. Defrost your dumpling wrappers.

As I got my dumpling wrappers from the frozen section in a Leicester Chinese supermarket, I had to allow them to defrost. This can be a tricky business as they can take a while to defrost, yet leave them too long and they dry out. Furthermore, leaving them too long can risk them sticking together and yet if you try and pull them apart too early they can tear. Foodie woes. My advice is just be patient and keep and eye on them. 

Step two. Blend up the ingredients in a chopper, including the sesame oil and soy sauce.

Step two. Dust a little plain flour or cornflour on a flat surface and get ready to assemble your first dumpling. 

Step three. Spoon a tsp of mixture into the centre of the pastry.

Step four. Dab a little water around the edges. 

Step five. Pinch the nearest side and further side together like so.

Step six. Pinch the left and right nearest sides together and leave the other two open. This is said to look like an "angry frog" - can you see it?

Step seven. Push down the two loops to create a pleated effect. and repeat with the rest until you have a little gyoza clan.

Step eight. Get some oil very hot in a frying pan. I have tried out sesame, bran and sunflower oil for these and they all seem to work fine. totally up to you.

Step nine. Fry until golden brown and crispy all over - this should take around ten minutes. When cooked, you may way to rest them on some kitchen roll for a couple of minutes. 

Step ten. serve up with your favourite chopsticks and dipping sauce - I went with classic dark soy this time but i have made chilli and peanut sauce before for my vietnamese summer rolls

What would you put in your dumplings? If you have a gyoza recipe to share, I'd love to hear it. I especially enjoyed this mouthwatering gochujang dumpling recipe from franglais kitchen, packed with roasted winter squash, mushrooms ginger and garlic.

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  1. These look absolutely delicious! Japanese food is still a little foreign to me, but you have made these look so simple to make! Yummerz x

    1. Thanks Ala. You must make them! They're so simple once you've practiced the folding a few times xx

  2. I adore gyoza - or juicy gyoza as it is known in my house. We regularly get these as takeaway but they are easy and satisfying to make at home. Thanks for linking to #CookBlogShare hope you come back again this week!