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the craftmen's dinner: michel roux jr meets ridgeview winery.

The Craftsmen’s Dinner is a short film series perfect for food lovers and those who appreciate craftsmanship and the artisan. Starring Michel Roux Jr, each of the six films takes your on a foodie journey through the nation's ‘masters of craft’ within their respective fields. From smoked salmon to knife makers, the videos have been created in partnership with The Balvenie whisky to embrace Britain's best artistry.

In the latest episode of the series, Michel Roux Jr meets Simon Ridgeview of leading wine makers Ridgeview Wines based in Sussex. One of the foremost producers of English sparkling wines, Michel is keen to see how English sparkling wine measures up against French Champagne.

Watch the video here...

Established over 22 years ago, Ridgeview Winery has a very particular approach for crafting their sparkling wine. Starting in January, the beginning of the process is crucial for deciding the success of the season. Once ready to pick, the workers have just a few days to harvest 17,000 vines before the Chardonnay grapes are spoilt by over ripening. This particular wine will be aged for 3 years, making the blending technique a real skill of balance. As Michel Roux Jr says himself, it's "a national craft"; we have "a true world class wine industry in England."

I feel like my own personal wine experiences are only just getting started. I've been a foodie for years and have always had an interest in learning more about wine. Now in my late twenties, I'm putting much more thought into my food and wine pairings. I'll often enjoy a fruity Merlot with a rich fillet steak, or perhaps a cold Pinot Grigio or Viognier with a seafood dish. I love cooking with wine alongside my homemade pasta dishes and I enjoy seeking out the perfect bottle to go with my slow cooked curries. Likewise I enjoyed rice wine in the National Sake Awards, fascinated by the different varieties of rice and sake that could be produced.

One of my most fun wine experiences is a wine tasting evening that I won with local supper club and events company Borgia Bull. With ten of my friends, we enjoyed a variety of light white through to spicy reds and eventually dessert wines accompanied by various nibbles to harmonise on our tastebuds. At the end we were split into teams for a wine pop quiz. A really fun night had by all - which could be such a great DIY night in too!

I've been really enjoying learning more about British craftsmanship in the latest video series. Have you tried wine from Ridgeview? Or are perhaps a fan of sparkling wine? You can follow their series and subscribe to their YouTube channel over here.

Oh and they have an exciting giveaway too! The Balvenie and Foodies100 are giving away a fantastic prize in “The Balvenie Craftsmen’s Dinner Competition” which offers one reader a meal for two at La Gavroche. 

To be in with the chance of winning a meal for two at Le Gavroche, readers must watch the series trailer and answer the following question over on the Foodies 100 page.

Q: How many dishes are plated up in the kitchen during The Balvenie Craftsmen’s Dinner trailer? 

All entrants must be aged 18 and over entries close on 13th May, 2016 at 5:00pm.

Post in collaboration with Foodies 100 and The Balvenie

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