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butternut squash and goat's cheese risotto.

Risottos, biryanis, arancini, sushi and paella... delicious dinner ideas all with the same ingredient. Rice! To celebrate National Rice Week (19th to 25th September 2016) I've teamed up with Love Rice to bring you a tasty new recipe to embrace those everyday little grains. It was a tough choice, what with being a sushi fiend and lover of paella, but I've gone for a risotto.

An Autumnal inspired dish, I've paired the earthy flavours of roast butternut squash with sweet red peppers, creamy goat's cheese and peppery rocket to create a comforting risotto recipe.

Shopping list.
(Serves two, generously)
♥ One small butternut squash, seeds removed and cubed
♥ One red pepper, seeds and stalk removed and finely sliced
♥ Olive oil
♥ Vegetable stock cube
♥ Two garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
♥ 150g arborio or carnaroli risotto rice
♥ 100g goat's cheese
♥ 10g pine nuts, toasted for 2-3 minutes
♥ Salt and pepper to season
♥ Fresh rocket
♥ Parmesan to serve (ensure it is vegetarian for veggie diners)

Equipment; baking tray, blender, large pan, garlic press optional

Step one. Begin by roasting your cubed butternut squash and red pepper with a dash of olive oil. Roast for around 30 minutes until softened - although the red pepper may be ready sooner.

Step two. Set aside the red pepper for later and cut up a few tiny cubes of squash. With the rest of the squash, blend until smooth.

Step three. Make the stock with around 150ml of boiling water. Add to the butternut squash and blitz together. This also helps get all the excess bits of squash out of the blender.

Step four. Begin your risotto by cooking the crushed garlic on a low heat for a couple of minutes. Be careful not to burn. Add in the risotto rice and lightly toast for around one minute before adding in a little stock.

Step five. Continue to cook on a low heat, adding the butternut squash stock gradually as it soaks up. Do this for around 20 minutes until the risotto rice is almost cooked.

Step six. Stir through the goat's cheese and red pepper five minutes before the end. Keep a little goat's cheese aside to crumble on at the end. Season to taste.

Step seven. Serve immediately with scatterings of butternut squash cubes, pine nuts, crumbled cheese and a small handful of rocket. Of course with extra lashings of parmesan and black pepper!

What is your favourite rice or risotto dish? What rice recipes will you be making to celebrate National Rice Week? There are lots of recipe ideas over on the Love Rice website just waiting to be made!

In collaboration with Love Rice. All words and photography my own.


  1. Oooh a perfect dish for autumn. Goats cheese has been a recent discovery of mine (that I like it that is) so I will have to try this :)

  2. WOW! This came out so delicious! I do the same thing, taking inspiration from a recipe and then changing it up. I had some left over roasted sweet potatoes so I just carmelized onions, browned the turkey in a pan, added some other vegetables, red thai chili paste, and a bit of lemongrass (along with everything you put in the recipe) and it came out amazingly delicious! My fiance was shocked because I put it together rather quickly and it was so yummy .
    Joseph Donahue

  3. The 4th of July isn't a special day in the Netherlands, but we have Queensday to celecrate the birthday of our queen. This year our queen abdicated and now her son is king. So next year no Queensday but Kingsday 🙂 I'll save your recipe/tutorial so I can make this next year for Kingsday and/or the 5th of May (celebrating the end of WO II) The colours of the Dutch flag are red, white end blue so it would be perfect!
    Kelly Hubbard

  4. This is a great cake. I have friends and family with allergies and its great to know there is a cake I can make that we can all celebrate with. Thanks for a brilliant recipe.
    Jayme Silvestri