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slow cooked coca cola beef brisket burgers.

Beef brisket burger

Is Summer finally here? Whether you're dusting off the BBQ, love to dine al fresco or are planning a garden party. this slow cooked pulled beef brisket is a must-try in your burger. I know the whole fizzy drinks with slow cooked meat recipes has been done a few times now - think everything from Dr Pepper to Ginger Beer - but I thought I'd give my own recipe a whirl! The sweet and stickiness from the classic Coca Cola (no diet here!) adds to the kick of chilli and smoked paprika. Enjoy the super easy six hour slow cooked beef brisket between a soft brioche bun with your favourite condiments!

Slow cooked beef brisket burger
Beef brisket burger recipes

Shopping list.
♥ 4kg beef brisket
♥ One beef stock cube, according to packet instructions
♥ 1 tbsp smoked paprika
♥ 1 tbsp BBQ sauce
♥ 1 tsp red chilli flakes
♥ 1 can of classic Coca Cola
♥ 1 tbsp tomato puree
♥ Boiling water, to top up

(To serve)
♥ Brioche buns
♥ Condiments (I love French's mustard and Hellman's mayo)
♥ Your favourite chips or coleslaw

Coca cola beef
Slow cooked beef recipes

Step one. To make the beef brisket, simply combine the meat with all the spices, sauce and Coca Cola in your slow cooker. Top up with boiling water until the beef is submerged and replace the lid. You don't need to remove any string at this point, I do that about half way through.

Step two. Slow cook for 5-6 hours on a medium-high setting (I usually go for high as my slow cooker isn't very powerful). Tend to the meat now and again, turning and stirring occasionally.

Slow cooked beef recipe
Slow cooked beef recipe

Step three. When ready, take two forks and pull apart the meat. By this stage, it should totally fall apart, and be a golden brown colour.

Slow cooked pulled beef recipe

Tip: If you need to keep it warm, add the pulled beef back to the slow cooked in all the tasty juices whilst you prep the buns and sides. Then, use a slotted spoon to remove later.

Slow cooked beef burger recipe

I served mine with skin on chips, which take around 25 minutes in my Actifry. Most used kitchen appliance ever (even more than my KitchenAid!)

Coca cola beef brisket
Coca cola beef brisket recipe

Ta da! Scroll down for proof that it's very, very tasty.

Coca cola slow cooked beef brisket recipe
Coca cola slow cooked beef brisket burger
Emily Coates food blogger

Have you ever made slow cooked beef with Coca Cola? Or any other fizzy drinks? What are your must-haves when making a pulled meat recipe?


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