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the ultimate homemade fish finger sandwich (probably).

ultimate homemade fish finger sandwich recipe

Like lots of timeless dishes, the perfect fish finger sandwich recipe is a rather subjective thing. Mushy peas or not? Tartare sauce, mayonnaise or tomato ketchup? Cod or haddock? Breaded or battered? And speaking of bread, are we talking cobs, baps or a couple of slices of classic white bread? The possibilities are endless. I even noticed the topic came up on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch last weekend, where Simon Rimmer created a delicious looking sarnie indeed.

Although it'll always be a work in progress, this is my take on the ultimate homemade fish finger sandwich (if I say so myself). The best part is that the breaded cod fish fingers are baked, making them a little healthier, and the rustic Actifry chips are Slimming World friendly too.

Shopping list.
For the homemade tartare sauce
♥ 1 tbsp mayonnaise
♥ The juice of half a lemon
♥ 1 tsp capers, chopped
♥ 1 tsp wholegrain mustard
♥ 2-3 cornichons, finely diced
♥ A few sprigs of fresh dill, torn
♥ Black pepper to taste

For the homemade fish fingers
(Serves two, generously)
♥ Two large cod fillets, sliced in half
♥ One free range egg, beaten
♥ Plain flour
♥ Breadcrumbs

To serve
♥ Four tiger cobs (that's East Midlands for bread roll, bap, barm, batch or any of the above).
♥ Mushy peas
♥ Chips, your favourite way
♥ Fresh lemon

Step one. To make the tartare sauce, simply mix together the ingredients and set aside in the fridge. Season to taste, adding extra black pepper if you wish.

Step two. Set up plates of breadcrumbs, flour and egg like so. Dip the cod first in the egg, then flour, then back in the egg and lastly in the breadcrumbs. Repeat!

Step three. Bake the fish fingers for at least 20-25 minutes on 180 degrees C, until golden and cooked through. During this time you could also bake your chips, toast your bread and warm up the mushy peas five minutes before.

Serve immediately with your homemade tartare, favourite sauces and garnish!

What would be the recipe for your ultimate fish finger sandwich? Are there any must-haves in your sarnies?


  1. Hello homemade tartare sauce! It sounds delicious. My husband and kids would adore these homemade fish fingers.

  2. I adore fish finger sandwiches! I've never actually made my own fish fingers though, I imagine they are a cut above the shop bought ones! I would love one of these for lunch :)

  3. This looks well worth trying as I love a fish finger sandwich

  4. THIS SOUNDS EASY AND FUN. I never considered making my own fish fingers

  5. These look so good I love ordinary fish finger sandwiches these however go to a whole new level I’m definately going to try these.