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pressure cooker tandoori lamb with coconut and turmeric rice.

From paellas to puddings and risotto to ribs, who knew there was so much you make in a pressure cooker? Long gone are the days of noisy pressure cookers squealing on your Granny's stove; they've come a long way since then. Safe and smart, the Prestige Smart Plus Pressure Cooker include a visual pressure indicator that raises to indicate when the cooker is at pressure, as well as a directional pressure regulator to ensure safe release of steam away from you.

They're a real time saver too, usually knocking off a third of your usual cooking time. The results are impressive too, keeping meat and seafood delicate and tender, rice fluffy and vegetables flavoursome. The lid seals in nutrients too, which is always a bonus.

A spicy tandoori lamb recipe with coconut and turmeric rice, all made in the slow cooker. All in less than15 minutes.

Shopping list. 
(Serves two)
♥ Two lamb steaks
♥ 30g tandoori spice mix
♥ 50g low fat natural yogurt, plus extra to serve
♥ One white onion, chopped
♥ One red pepper, de-seeded and sliced
♥ 100g chopped cherry tomatoes
♥ Red chillies and coriander to your taste
♥ Dried mint

For the pressure cooker coconut and turmeric rice
♥ 150g basmati rice
♥ 400g tin of coconut milk (light is also fine)
♥ 2 tsp turmeric powder
♥ 1 tsp cardamom pods 

Step one. Mix together your yoghurt and tandoori spices. Coat the lamb and add to the basket provided with the other ingredients.

Step two. Add the rice, coconut milk, turmeric and cardamom pods to the main body of the pressure cooker.

Step three. Close the lid and ensure it is securely locked.

Step four. Turn the pressure level to 12lb and turn the heat on the hob to a medium/high heat. Do not allow the flames to lick up the side of the cooker.

Step five. After a while you will see the red indicator pop up like so. Begin timing ten minutes from this point.

Tip: You should hear a light hissing noise throughout cooking. If is noisy then turn down the heat slightly. If this doesn't work then let a little pressure out on the gauge.

Step six. At ten minutes, turn off your heat and allow the pressure cooker to continue to cook and release steam until the red indicator goes back down. This allows the lamb and rice to continue to slowly steam, leaving it with a fall apart texture as if it has been slow cooked - yum!

Serve with extra coriander, minty yogurt and naan breads as you wish.

Have you ever made a curry recipe in the pressure cooker? Would you ever cook rice in the pressure cooker? (Psst, there's so much less washing up...)

Prestige Smart Plus Pressure Cookers feature: 
  • Mechanical locking device - A special cam locks the lid and body of the pressure cooker. 
  • Two pressure settings - 8lb and 12lb cook control for versatility when cooking. 
  • Visual pressure indicator - Raises to indicate the cooker is now at pressure. 
  • Directional pressure regulator - Ensures safe release of steam away from you.
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  1. Wow Emily this looks incredible :) I've never used a pressure cooker before but you've inspired me.

  2. Yum! I'm going to see if I can adjust this recipe to use our electrical pressure cooker...

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