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an evening with private chef mark baines, la belle assiette.

Ever dreamed of have a your own private chef to cook a personalised meal in your home? Whether you're a fan of fusion cooking, a beautiful British banquet or are looking for a rainbow of vegetarian flavours, La Belle Assiette might be for you. Hire a private chef with La Belle Assiette offer a range of professional private chefs across the UK, all you need to do is choose a cuisine from a local chef and book securely online. What's more, they do they washing up. Sold?

The headquarters are based in Paris, known for its fine cuisine and high end chefs. La Belle Assiette, translating as "The the beautiful plate" or "dish" bring this to the comfort of your home. Once you've picked your menu with the chef, all you have to do is invite the guests, provide the tipple and put your best gladrags on. You'll even get sent some lovely printed menus ahead of the date to dress your table. As one of his first diners, we had the pleasure of being hosted by Chef Mark Baines, based in Leicestershire, for an evening of fabulous food. It was his La Belle Assiette Validation Dinner, so on this occasion the menu was complimentary.

The Menu

 Crab & Squid ink Tortellini, bisque, chilli oil. 

Loin of spring lamb, Lamb croquette, peas, mint, redcurrant jus. 

Chocolate mousse, English raspberries and chocolate mint.

Chef Mark made himself at home in my kitchen, as you'd expect a confident and experienced chef to. The sous vide was bubbling away in moments and we talked about our love for a beautiful slate or platter as he plated up the inviting appetisers. As my guests arrived, they enjoyed the stunning mix of Stilton, baba ganoush and smoked salmon as Chef Mark continued his creations behind the scenes. Seated perfectly on time, we helped ourselves to his homemade butter with fresh bread from Hambleton's, a local East Midlands based bakery.

The chilli and lemon and black pepper butters went down particularly well with the crowd. My favourite dish was the squid ink tortellini. Zesty citrus, delicate crab and a moreish bisque left us wanting more. The next course, lamb, was a delight on the plate and really did show off his culinary talents.

La Belle Assiette is a great concept for foodies who fancy something different from a night out at a restaurant or cooking for themselves. Overall, we all had a fantastic night and cannot commend Chef Mark enough. He left my kitchen spotless (probably better than it was before - which was handy as I had a house viewing the next day) and came, created amazing food and went like a professional. And luckily there was some flavoured butter leftover for everyone to take home.

If you're looking for a private chef in Leicester, why not head over and check out the latest talent? Chef Mark Baines' current menus include seasonal menus and fusion styles which all sound really yummy! Other menus from private chefs around the UK start from £45 per person and can range from vegetarian feasts to Summer brunch - just check them out over at La Belle Assiette or browse the other menus from chefs in Leicestershire.

Would you ever hire a private chef? What would be your ideal cuisine or menu?

I was invited to try out La Belle Assiette as part of Mark Baines' validation dinner. All words my own and I wasn't expected to write a positive review or otherwise.


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