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violife: what is vegan cheese and what recipes can I make?

Have you ever tried vegan cheese? As someone who would consider themselves flexitarian, and an advocate of Veganuary, I've tried my fair share of both classic cheeses and dairy free options. It can be a really mixed bag, or mixed cheeseboard as it were, with some vegan cheeses melting better than others, some great in sauces and some you'd be happy to enjoy in a sandwich or as part of a plant based platter. Violife pride themselves on being 100% vegan and preservative free, with many products also free from soya and gluten.

Their dairy free delights don't just stop at cheese either, they range from chocolate spread to Camembert and sandwich slices to butters - perfect for planning vegan recipes! I've personally tried the Epic Mature in cheese sauces for veggie lasagne and enjoyed the smoky slices in a sarnie, but I was most interested in taking Le Rond for a test run...

As you can see, the cleverly named Le Rond is Violife's version of a Camembert cheese round. It's perfect not only for dairy free diners but perhaps pregnant women who can't enjoy mould ripened cheese during their pregnancy. It comes in at around £2.50-£3 for 150g and can be found in Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Ocado.

At a glance, it looks very much like a Camembert, though you don't need to slice off the top like a real one, as it doesn't have a hard exterior. Instead I added olive oil, Italian herbs, seasoning and garlic to the top. Chilli, rosemary and other herbs could also work here - so have a play around!

I then grilled in the oven for around 10 minutes, though the included instructions also gave inspiration for oven baking, wrapping in pastry or even simply microwaving.

I added pear and apple chutney and some crusty bread for an indulgent dipping session! As you can see the faux fromage melted gloriously and even spilled into the plate. It didn't stay together like a real Camembert might, but it provided an excellent (and tasty) fondue like consistency. The taste was like Camembert too, without too much of a tang.

Would you try vegan cheese? What recipes would you try? You can browse my latest vegan recipes here for inspiration!

In collaboration with Violife


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