Friday, 2 December 2016

a breakfast banquet with brioche pasquier: #shareamoment

Bringing people together with breakfast! Whether it be smashed avocado on toast, a piping hot bacon sandwich with lashings of tomato sauce or stack of sugary pancakes, everyone has their favourite breakfast dish. Out for brunch with friends or staying in for a lazy weekend breakfast, a good natter over a cuppa is the perfect way to #shareamoment. In their latest campaign, Brioche Pasquier are encouraging bloggers to embrace breakfast with both hands, sharing a moment with their delicious pastries and brioche. When I say both hands, I mean a cup of tea in your right hand and a jam filled croissant in the other.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

macaroni ham 'n' cheese.

An indulgent twist on the classic macaroni cheese – perfect for the colder nights and rainy weekends. Cosy up with a comforting bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese, featuring the extra treat of slow cooked ham. From Fire & Smoke, their low and slow fired grilled hams are packed with mouthwatering flavours that are delicious as part of a recipe or on their own. Ideal for creating the ultimate American inspired dish, their glazed pork joints are grilled over crackling flames and then wood smoked for extra flavour. Along with a creamy cheese sauce and pasta, this recipe makes for the ultimate comfort food!

Monday, 28 November 2016

christmas is just around the corner: introducing co-op's festive irresistible range.

Christmas spices, mince pies, mulled wine and lots of cheese... Christmas is just the best time for food. Party food in particular is always a treat! I love a good spread of festive favourites, ready to delve into whilst catching up with friends and family. I went along to discover what's in store for Central England Co-op for the merriest of seasons - and had my first mince pie of 2016. (Well, that's assuming I haven't forgotten about all the leftovers I ate back in January). 

Like Co-op shops themselves, the lovely team have aptly opted for the tagline "Christmas is just around the corner." And it's true, December 25th really is just around the corner. I for one can't wait to open the first door on my advent calendar...

Friday, 25 November 2016

chocolate orange macarons.

'Tis the season for chocolate oranges! And what better recipe than to sandwich indulgent Terry's chocolate orange infused buttercream between light and crisp chocolate macaron shells. A perfect sweet treat or homemade gift idea for the festive season. Although they're not Terry's... they're mine.