Monday, 20 October 2014

burger & lobster.

at burger & lobster, the choice is simple. burger or lobster? lobster or burger? or if you're feeling particularly indecisive, a bit of both when shared with a friend. i headed over to the soho branch when i was down in london last. having just been at the trek vs. food event, i'm still not sure how i had room.

Friday, 17 October 2014

pumpkin chinese steamed buns.

planning a halloween party this year? make sure you have all those spooky essentials at the ready. pumpkin? check! scary decorations? check! fancy dress outfit? check! chop sticks... what? 

when traditional chinese sauce brand lee kum kee got in touch to see how i fancied writing a chinese pumpkin recipe i couldn't wait to step up to the challenge. inspired by my trip to flesh & buns, i set about developing a chinese steamed bun recipe.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

homemade beef stew and cheesy herb dumplings: community cooks with central england co op.

do you have one of those homemade recipes which evokes the best of memories? my mum's beef stew and dumplings was my favourite meal growing up. i always knew we'd be having it for tea when she was chopping up veggies as i was getting ready for school. then i'd have to turn the oven on when i got in just after 3 so it was ready in time for dinner.

central england coop have launched a community cooks competition to encourage people to #getcooking and share their favourite home cooked meals. whether it be your grandma's strawberry jam tarts, dad's ultimate lasagne or the first meal you impressed your uni friends with without burning your halls down. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

autumn chocolate pots.

i love autumn. pretty brown, orange and ochre leaves, crisp but chilly mornings, being able to wear all your favourite jumpers again and the feeling that my birthday is just around the corner. the rain, not so much. although at least if you've got a rainy sunday morning in, you can turn your hand to a spot of baking. 

this week is both national baking week and national chocolate week. what better excuse? this recipe mixes the two and isn't so difficult at all, so long as you have a bit of time on your hands.