Monday, 23 May 2016

easy lemon and rose petal cupcakes: #icakeyou.

And so on to part three of my #ICAKEYOU collaboration with Betty Crocker. These baking treats were a midweek pick-me-up to my team at work. Having made the lovely Betty Crocker red velvet cake and used their mixes for my carrot cake pops, I couldn't wait to get my hands on their lemon cake mix to give these cupcakes a whirl. After using their lemon sponge and simple lemon buttercream, I sprinkled with edible rose petals and... ta da!

Friday, 20 May 2016

pizza klub, berlin.

Found in the Schöneberg area of Berlin, by the Yorckstraße UBahn station, you'll find a little gem of a pizza place. With some specials named after rock stars of the ages, Pizza Klub serves up delicious pizzas with inspiring toppings and generous portions. Vegans will be pleased to know they can enjoy the menu too, with varieties of realistic vegan cheese oozing from mouthwatering stone baked bases.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

avocado & bacon burger.

A super easy barbecue recipe for the Summer. I've teamed up again with Iceland to show how the #PowerofFrozen is perfect for BBQ season. Their 100% beef quarter pounder burgers and easy bake cobs are such handy ingredients to have in the freezer ready for sunny days. In this avocado and bacon burger recipe, I simply cooked up their super tasty burger patties with slices of crispy bacon and ripe avocado in a soft burger bun. The beef burgers are essentially just great quality beef with a seasoning of salt and pepper - frozen food doesn't mean rubbish food! Serve with their easy-to-cook sweet potato fries for the ultimate Summer feast!

Monday, 16 May 2016

bakewell tart energy bites.

For those times that you really fancy a Bakewell tart but are trying to be that little bit healthier. These cherry Bakewell energy bites are made from almonds, coconut, dates and infused with almond essence to create that famous Derbyshire tart flavour. At just under 100 calories with a great source of protein and fibre, these are perfect for an afternoon kick, bitesize sweet treat or a pre-run boost. I made them with my powerful new Optimum G.21 Platinum Series Blender, which not only can make nut milk and butter, but is brilliant for creating smooth energy ball recipes from natural ingredients.