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breakfast in bed ideas featuring simba.

What better way to spend a weekend than a staycation? Even better when the breakfast is on point. Let the 5-star hotel luxury come to you with a perfectly planned brunch - without having to leave your bed to enjoy it. Here are a few breakfast in bed ideas (and a glowing review) that will have you diving back under the covers. 

Simba have kindly sent me one of their Hybrid Toppers to try out. Made from an innovative combination of Aerocoil springs and a layer or open-cell Simbatex foam, the topper promises to transform your mattress into a super soft and breathable sleep surface. It also comes with a removable and washable cover - handy for when you inevitably spill your precariously positioned cuppa. Known mostly for their mattresses, they also sell a range of sumptuous duvets, pillows, bedding, weighted blankets and even beds, Or for the eco conscious, you can even purchase refurbished items.

Having tried it so far for a week, it's safe to say it's absolutely revamped my sleep routine. I'm spending less time on a screen and more time wanting to start my skincare, jump into my jammies and starfish in bed. No lie ins here though - since there's a toddler who wants to join me at 6am in the morning. For that reason we have been bringing our favourite breakfast foods into the bedroom and enjoying a cosy family morning. Pain au chocolat, bagels and classic hot buttered toast are current faves. But what breakfast banquet would you choose?

For the super fancy (and not for the clumsy), these creamy eggs en cocotte are a French twist on the classic baked eggs, featuring delicious salmon, softened leeks, fresh dill and indulgent double cream. You can make these ahead the night before and then oven bake for 15 minutes. Duvet optional.

Or if you prefer your eggs poached - nominate the best chef in your household to rustle up a couple of poached delights. Team up with crusty sour dough and your choice of smoked salmon, spinach, ham, mushrooms or just classic tomato ketchup. 

Only recommended if you have a nice tea tray - the great British cooked breakfast. Not the easiest to eat in bed, but by far the breakfast of kings. Either set yourself up for the day... or find yourself sleepy again and crawling back to your new Simba mattress.

A more sensible option (though don't blame me for the crumbs...) get some delicious pastries and opt for a super simple breakfast in moments. Top with butter and jam or just enjoy as they come.

What would you opt for? Quick and easy or more adventurous?

In collaboration with Simba

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