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9 foodie must-dos in costa brava.

Found in Catalonia in the North East of Spain, Costa Brava is a beautiful coastal region that boasts leafy hills, colourful buildings, gorgeous views and an excellent foodie culture. Being by the sea, there are lots of fresh seafood and fish dishes to indulge in. That's not all. Think stunning wine blends, with great pairings, as well as exceptional olive oil and sweets.

Try your hand at a wine pairing workshop

After a tour around the old town of Girona, we enjoyed a wine pairing workshop at Tallers de Cuina.   The best thing about this was that (even though we were keen foodies) we didn't have to do any cooking. We helped with the final prep of a few dishes, but largely watched the chefs cook and explain why the menu went so well with wines of the region. A must try for a small group.

Sample the speciality olive oil

We were certainly spoilt for choice when it came to olive oil. From classic blends to rich orange flavours, we enjoyed it just "as it is" with fresh bread and sea salt. Definitely try and bring some back if you can too - I got a huge bottle of great quality for €6!

Visit a local winery

If you don't get to try a wine pairing, a winery might be for you. We were treated to a tour around the Celler Martín Faixó in Cadaqués, a fairly small producers with a real passion that showed. The views were incredibly striking too.

Enjoy dining with a view at Mas Lazuli

One of my favourite meals was at Mas Lazuli in Pau. We enjoyed a fun bread making workshop before indulging in a local tasting menu in the relaxed and utterly cool atmosphere. In particular though, we loved the views at sunset. A serious wishlist hotel destination for me.

Try some authentic aioli

Somehow, and I really can't explain how, our blogger group ended up in an aioli making competition nearby the market. I've never learnt how to make aioli so fast! With locals presenting some seriously intense competition, we made classic aioli with just garlic, salt lemon and olive oil. A pretty fun experience - but you can just try tasting it without the effort.

Satisfy your tastebuds with the local seafood

Oh the seafood, the seafood! I always love when I visit somewhere by the coast as I can't get enough of the delicious fresh fish. Being in the Midlands, it really is a treat. In particular I loved the seafood stews, squid ink risotto and huge prawns served simply steamed with little seasoning.

Indulge in a memorable meal at Divinum

This was our first meal of the holiday and it really set the bar. If you have budget for just one amazing foodie experience during your stay, this needs to be it. Bird cages, savoury lollipops, delicate details... and a stunning wine flight to match. Found in the pretty town of Girona, this charming restaurant has a special, find dining feel with knowledgeable local staff. It wasn't just because we were press and bloggers either, the rest of the restaurant were thrilled at each amazing course that passed through in perfect symmetry.

Order a Xuixo de Girona from a pastry shop

Something sweet? These pastries are for you. Different cream fillings, as well as the traditional, made up this crisp, buttery dessert. The Crema Catalana was also a popular choice, as well as of course a cheeky cone of gelato.

Take in the scenery at Cap de Creus

This was a breathtaking yet brief trip, to a destination we found on the back of a postcard in nearby Roses. We had less than half an hour here, as the park was closing (we got stuck at 6pm and needed to be let out but that's an even longer story), but just those few minutes showed some memorable views. It was raining too, so I can't imagine what it would be like in the sunshine.

I went along as a guest of Jet2holidays to explore what the Catalonia region had to offer. With really reasonable flights from 9 UK destinations, I went from East Midlands to Girona, taking around two hours and costing from about £40pp. It really would make such an easy city break, only using one day holiday to enjoy three full days in the area. But what did I get up to on that long weekend?

Have you been to Costa Brava? What are your travel trips or favourite foodie places, restaurants or cookery classes?

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