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simple tuna puttanesca spaghetti.

An easy midweek meal combining my love of seafood, pasta and olives. The classic puttanesca. With wholemeal spaghetti, a tomato based sauce and a hint of chilli, this slightly salty pasta dish can be speedily made up of food cupboard essentials. It's not exactly the most authentic puttanesca recipe either, but it's my interpretation. Perfect for those days where you fancy a bit of comfort food but "you've got nothing in".

Shopping list.
(Serves one)
♥ 60g wholemeal spaghetti
♥ 1 clove of garlic, peeled and crushed
♥ 1/2 tin chopped tomatoes
♥ 2 tsp chilli flakes
♥ A pinch of ground cayenne pepper
♥ 160g tin of tuna
♥ A handful of pitted black olives, sliced
♥ 2 tsp caper berries
♥ Salt and pepper to taste
♥ Grated cheese to serve

Step one. Boil the pasta according to packet instructions, which usually takes around 10-12 minutes.

Step two. Cook together the garlic, chopped tomatoes and spice on a low heat at the same time.

Step three. When the pasta is cooked, drain and throw together with the sauce and remaining ingredients. Season to taste and serve immediately with lashings of grated cheese.

Have you ever made tuna puttanesca or a twist on the classic? What is your speedy go-to simple dish of a midweek evening?


  1. A beautiful and simple combination perfect for every meal. I am a spaghetti obsessive at the moment.

  2. I adore puttanesca, yours looks so delicious I want to dive in with a fork right now!

  3. Your interpretation sounds absolutely lovely Emily! And I'm italian, so trust me on this!

  4. Such a great easy meal! I've never given this a go and I really should

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