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say cheese.

shopping list.
♥ a miniature camembert
♥ a few sprigs of rosemary
♥ a little chopped garlic
♥ your favourite bread

dipping and dunking soldiers into gooey egg yolk, liquorice into sherbert, nachos into salsa and biscuits into the perfect cup of tea. bliss.

crusty bread and baked boxed camembert is just another of these combinations of guilty pleasures.

and don't forget a dash of olive oil, fresh rosemary, chopped garlic and salt and black pepper before you put it in the oven.

in the picture above i had mine with roasted tomato and olive mediterranean bread.

bake at a low temperature, 180 degrees, gas mark 4ish, for around 15 minutes. or just when it looks too gooey and delicious to leave in any longer. beautiful.


  1. I love baked Camembert give me that and a big glass of red and I am a happy lady!

    1. Same!! :) This is such an old post hehe makes me chuckle to read it back xx