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light trout and rocket salad.

shopping list.
♥ one or two fillets of trout per person
♥ mixed herbs
♥ a bag of rocket, perhaps mixed with watercress or spinach
♥ a squeeze of lemon
♥ honey and mustard dressing

this is a lovely little meal for those watching their weight but looking for variety and indulgence.

i think people are put off trout. just the name of it makes you picture your old geography teacher in wrinkly tights with a face like she's just eaten a whole lemon. well, if it didn't, it does now.

well, think afresh, for trout is the new salmon.

it has a much lighter delicate flavour which only need be slightly seasoned. what's more, it's about half the price.

a dash of olive oil, perhaps a sprinkle of your favourite mixed herbs, wrapped in foil and grilled on a medium heat for ten minutes is all it needs.

serve with rocket salad, or other peppery leaves such as watercress and spinach. squeeze a little lemon and drizzle with honey and mustard dressing. yum.

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