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my graze box goodies :)

why hello there little graze box - how i've missed you.

i used to subscribe to graze.com whilst at uni but having been enticed by the tantalising new products online and a free box code, i've been drawn back in. and i'm not complaining one bit.

for those of you that aren't already familiar with this mini miracle in recyclable cardboard; graze boxes are a letter box sized selection of your favourite treats based on how you rate their products online, for £3.79 a box.

picture the scene...

"eww i hate banana coins, even if they are dipped in chocolate. get them away." *selects BIN option*

"ooohhh cheese cashews? sounds like a dream. gimme!" *selects LOVE*

"bbq pistachios. they sound interesting..." *selects TRY*

and so on.

so in my specially tailored box i got... black pepper pistachios, bonnie wee oat bakes, an apple and cinnamon flapjack and green olives with basil and garlic. plus a cute little nutritional information booklet.

and what can i say? they got it so right.

the bonny wee oat bakes were wholemeal cheese and chive plectrum size biscuits with a red onion marmalade. a beautiful combination.

the flapjack was just divine with a cup of tea. chewy and nicely spiced :)

and as for the olives, well, i'm just glad they only come in small portions... i could've had a box full.

the pistachios are being saved for tomorrow, around 3pm, when the snacking cravings kick in at work.

can't wait to see what my next box has in store. thanks graze! x

1 comment:

  1. Great review, I've been looking into trying Graze especially since I'm prone to snacking in College might be an idea after all :) x