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atomic blondies with white and dark chocolate chunks.

shopping list
♥  210g unsalted butter
♥  300g light muscovado sugar
♥  200g plain flour
♥ three eggs
♥  1 teaspoon vanilla essence
♥  170g white chocolate
♥  100g dark chocolate

preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 

line a metal baking dish with baking paper. tip: i find brownies and blondies cook more evenly in a metal tin as opposed to glass or silicone. :)

in case you haven't already guessed, blondies are a white chocolate version of brownies. cue picture of a pile of white chocolate - yummm.

begin by melting the butter in a saucepan on a low heat or in the microwave for a few seconds at a time. add in most of the white chocolate and continue to stir until melted, leaving a few out to create the chocolate chunk effect at the end.

mix together the sugar, vanilla essence and eggs. when incorporated, slowly add in the flour bit by bit and fold together. lastly, combine with the warm melted butter and white chocolate mix. 

pour mixture into the lined baking tray and randomly drop in rough chunks of white and dark chocolate. totally up to you what kind you use or perhaps if you try the recipe with walnuts or a different flavour of chocolate. 

i would probably recommend checking your chosen chocolate has s high percentage of cocoa solids as some non cooking chocolate can just melt due to the milk and butter content. i also once got over excited by dropping in lots of chocolate chunks and the brownies were a a bit of failure due to the mixture just melting in the oven :(

cook for 45 minutes to an hour - keep checking with a cocktail stick to ensure the blondies are cooked through. they are ready when the cocktail stick comes out clean but the top is nicely golden and crispy. i was really happy with the results seeing as this was my first time experimenting with blondies. 

i made these on sunday too. a real sunday girl! :)

if you don't fancy blondies but are looking for another treat to share with family and friends, you might like peyton and byrne's brilliant recipe for raspberry and coconut cupcakes.

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  1. Thank you! Lovely to hear that - let me know how you get on. Will take a look at your blog too :)

    Emily xx