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from cupcakes to cushions: weird and wonderful sushi creations.

Sushi cupcakes? Sound a bit fishy to me. But don’t worry, these tantalising treats only contain the holy grail ingredients of baking. Lots of sugar, butter icing and food colouring. Switch wasabi for whipped cream and you have all you need for a seafood (but not calorie) free Japanese inspired cupcake.

Whoever made this knitted sushi platter must really be noodles about needles. Most people would say you’d have to be pretty dedicated to sushi to even make it to eat, but it seems this crocheted creation was made just for fun. Alongside this on the website are knitted hot cross buns, carrot cake, plum pudding and even a box of a dozen eggs. One may even wonder if the creator used chopsticks for knitting needles.

So guess which celebrity is donning this sushi playsuit? It could only be Katy Perry, the same diva who has been known to wear a Christmas tree dress, a ferris wheel skirt and a fried egg outfit. This embroidered ensemble was put together by designer duo Phillipe and David Blond for her 2009 MTV Awards appearance. Of course, she completed the look with a pair of fishnets...

For those who eat, breathe and sleep sushi, these hand stitched sushi cushions don’t seem all that unusual. Sushi-aholics have a whole of menu of nigri, California rolls and even a soy sauce pillow case to dream about. Can’t find your favourite tuna tempura dragon roll with extra wasabi on their website? Don’t worry, they are open to custom creations at: www.theoriginalsushipillow.com

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