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product review: tesco easy home bake vanilla cupcakes and frosting.

i've always seen these diy little kits in supermarkets and wondered how easy they really are. i mean, fresh ingredients and a little home baking therapy conquers all, but when i saw this kit in tesco i thought it looked a little different. 

i thought as i was just getting plain vanilla ones that i'd make them look like cute flake cupcakes :) this was just as well as i found the icing quite hard to use so it came out a little bit like mr whippy anyway! 
nevertheless, both the cupcake mix and icing tasted really nice and it was so easy that i would recommend it for novice bakers! the sponge mix was a good consistency and easily went into exactly 12 cupcakes (even though it bizarrely didn't specify how many it would make) so it would be great for those wanting to try out their icing skills!

would recommend for:

♥ a quick fix for some easy cupcakes
♥ a way to practice your icing
♥ a fun activity for a little one

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