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food doctor wholesome pots.

always on the look out for healthy lunch ideas and breakfast inspiration, i was super excited to be sent a selection of food doctor products recently. with a soft spot for their roasted soya beans, i knew i was in for a treat when i picked out these wholesome pots and some snazzy granola. 

instead of my usual tuna pasta salads, veggie chilli or anticipating cottage cheese topped baked potatoes from our staff restaurant, i went into work first thing monday with the first of their award winning wholesome pots. 

having had their apple, elderberry and blackberry granola with some almond milk for breakfast, i actually didn't feel hungry until it got to 12. if you read my blog now and again, you'll know i'm not fond of dried fruit and this wouldn't be my usual choice. i thought i'd try it anyway and actually it was pretty tasty and zingy; though not something that would convert my cereal choices. i also tried it with dark chocolate flavour chocolate almond milk which worked really well and really enhanced the blackberry undertones. think black forest gateau.

so onto my favourite wholesome pot, the asparagus, leek and mint flavour with bulgar wheat and quinoa.

you'll have to forgive me for the photographs - it was the best i could get at work on my phone. not sure how they'd react to a full camera set up with props... 

as you can see, the pot comes as a dry mix which is brought to life with a dash of water. this took about ten minutes to fluff up so i got into a routine of adding hot water in my office at 11.50 ready for when hunger struck. 

with a really inviting, herby mediterranean scent, i couldn't wait to tuck in. a great texture of grains along with the now plump veg, i was actually really impressed with this posh wholesome pot. i served with salad and on one occasional houmous and veg sticks just to make the meal go further and add fresh vegetables. 

i'd definitely recommend this to someone looking for quick and healthy ideas for a light lunch. personally i would always add a side of crunchy peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes or whatever takes your fancy. though i have to say, this filled me up even more than i expected. 

i also tried the cous cous and lentil pot with tomatoes, red peppers and cumin which had a moroccan feel to it, as well as the bulgar wheat and quinoa pot with tomato, black olive and basil which was an easy going subtle flavour which would be a great one to try out if you're unsure which to go for. in all, since a three pack of pots is just £3.75, it's a great way to get those healthy grains on the daily! :) 

find out more at the food doctor ♥

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