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feel all bran new with kellogg's + giveaway!

this weekend was spent sorting out my new kitchen, getting used to a different oven and remembering what cupboard i'd put everything in. i didn't get time to make my latest granola recipe for the week, and so this new all bran cereal from kelloggs couldn't have come at a better time. 

bran isn't a cereal i was usually reach for, so i went about researching the ingredients of the product. natural wheat bran is brilliant as it is high in fibre which can help with digestion, as well as wholegrain which will keep you fuller for longer. however, tastewise, in my opinion, not so yummy. one thing that is yummy is chocolate. however, not so healthy.

so if you're willing to let something a little naughty slide into your morning routine, as part of a balanced diet, this would be a great way to enjoy bran which tastes good too. 

i've been enjoying my box which hazelnut milk, which as you can imagine gives it a praline like taste. the outside is crunchy like the usual shredded wheat suspects, with mini chocolate chip style chunks waiting for me in the middle. i have to say, i felt a bit like i was a kid being allowed a chocolate bar for breakfast as a treat.

all bran chocolate wheats would be perfect for; someone with a sweet tooth, who is looking to move to a chocolately cereal with more wholesome grains, for a parent wanting to make their children secretly eat bran or encourage them to eat cereal at all, or, for baking or making some chocolate crispie cakes with. those cakes are the best.

new all bran chocolate wheats are available now in all major supermarkets, with an rrp of £2.69 for a for a 340g box. so if you’re looking for fun ways to fill up in the morning with fabulous fibr, why not try this tasty little chocolate number and say hello to a bran-new you?

or, if you'd like to have a go at winning 10 boxes for yourself, simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway below. closing date july 4th 2014 at midnight, when a random winner will be generated. good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm useless at eating breakfast so I'd love to win a box of these.. Plus.. chocolate feels like it would make breakfast more palatable!

  2. The simple caprese salad because it is simple & quick to make

  3. I like the vegan peanut butter shortbread cups.

  4. has to be the cappuccino macarons.they sound so lovely

  5. Ooooo well I never normally have the time for breakfast (I know!) slap my wrists ;D However with 10 boxes I'd be sure to have some cereal nearby when required! haha xxx

  6. Your spinach and ricotta ravioli in sage butter sauce looks amazing

  7. the vegan peanut butter shortbread cups sound lush

  8. I like the vegan peanut butter shortbread cups.

  9. I like the chickpea, spinach and tomato poppadom shahi bake because it's so different to the things I usually see.

  10. Great review, these sound delicious! I love all your reviews of Leicestershire pubs - as a local girl I'm enjoying planning where to try! x


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