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valentine's white chocolate fudge.

Homemade White Chocolate Vanilla Fudge
Heart Shape Fudge

love is in the air! and so are valentine's recipes. brimming with heart shaped bakes, buckets of pink food colouring and lustful red ribbons, february 14th is the perfect excuse for food bloggers to serve up soppy recipes to make for your loved ones. so here i present to you white chocolate vanilla fudge, complete with heart shape and charming pink bow.

shopping list.
♥ 10-15 white chocolate buttons
♥ 300g caster sugar
♥ 50g light brown sugar
♥ 130ml evaporated milk
♥ 30g butter
♥ 2 tsp vanilla extract
♥ 100g white chocolate

you will also need; a heavy based saucepan, heart shaped mould or large heat proof dish.

before you start. pour a cold glass of water and have it beside the hob. grease the dish you wish to use for the fudge, and drop in the white chocolate buttons.

step one. melt together the sugar and evaporated milk in the saucepan on a medium heat. add the butter until melted and combined.

step two. bring the mixture to the boil and keep stirring. boil and continue to stir for 4-5 minutes, after a few minutes dropping a tiny bit of mixture into the glass of water. 

the fudge is ready when it forms into a soft ball when dropped into the glass.

step three. take off the heat and stir in the vanilla extract and white chocolate util melted.

step four. carefully pour the fudge into your chosen mould and scatter more chocolate buttons if you wish.

step five. chill for at least an hour until set.

wrap up in a pretty bow and save for feb 14th! (or gobble up for yourself...)

Heart Vanilla Fudge
Valentines Baking Gifts
Valentines Fudge

what valentine's day baking recipes have you been upto? do you have any favourite fudge flavours? 

a few brilliant fudge recipes and gift ideas from fellow food bloggers include kevin's eton mess fudge and lucy's slow cooker white chocolate, pistachio and raspberry fudge. very tempting!


  1. So cute! The best thing about valentines is definitely the food.

  2. These are really lovely! Such a good idea to put the little buttons in there too, looks really effective. Thanks for linking :)

    1. Thanks Kevin. No problem your recipe is lovely x

  3. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Sarah :) good for any time of year! xx

  4. These look so good, thanks for the recipe