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cookery classes from hobby cooks.

For creative cookery classes in the midlands, be sure to call upon the lovely Anita Chipalkatty for her culinary expertise. From children's cookery workshops to fun hen nights for foodies, Anita of Hobby Cooks is available for training in tasty recipes, along with nutritional information and top cheffy tips. I went along to her kids' cookery class at northampton's in-toto kitchens to see what it was all about. cue seriously cute children cooking with a helping of colossal kitchen envy. 

A photograph of the gorgeous kitchen and colourful ingredients, just minutes before the venue leaped into a bustling children's cookery school. On the menu were potato cakes and vegetable skewers, great choices for getting the children to interact with fresh produce without too many complicated ingredients.

As a one off free class for kids in the community, the ages ranged from 4 right through to teens. I applaud Anita on keeping all age ranges entertained, whilst educating them about the ingredients, preparation and cooking along the way. The class was very interactive with everyone having a go at chopping, blending, crushing and grating under watchful supervision. I struggle to keep my ten year old sister under control making gingerbread, so kudos to her.

It was great to see the children so proud of their creations too, as they munched away and let their parents try a few bites. Perhaps one day one of these budding chefs will be cooking for me dinner in a fancy restaurant?

For more about Hobby Cooks classes in Northampton and nearby, specialising in Indian cuisine, you can find Anita over on Twitter as well as Facebook