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create a cake with patisserie valerie

did you know you can now create custom cakes over at patisserie valerie? i know right, total game changer. from choosing a vanilla or chocolately sponge to your (ahem, i mean their) favourite colour ribbon, make your (their) dessert dreams come to life with this new step by step tool.

when the lovely lot over at patisserie valerie asked if i'd like to give their cake wizard a whirl, of course i had to oblige. the tool is really fun to use, and had me playing around with the idea of a profiterole crown, chocolate curls around the sides, almond nibs and even a fruit basket on top. but there was no room for fruit here. no way.

a sucker for anything personalised, i of course got all excited at the prospect of a green ribbon and my name on top. who wouldn't? this would be such a fabulous birthday cake for that special someone. of course it's totally photogenic too. i should know, i took about 100 photographs. as a keen baker, i would never buy cakes from a shop over making one myself, however there's just no way i'd get a cake looking as good as this. if you're all about the rustic charm, you could always eat a few of the chocolate cigarettes before you gift it.

so finally... how did it taste? honestly, it was divine! decadent, indulgent and delicious. i was especially impressed by the variety of cream fillings you could have. a few days earlier i was just messing around the settings on the creator, 48 hours later i've got messy chops from an amazing chocolate cake. i did share it though, i promise.

have a go yourself over at patisserie valerie. it's seriously addictive even if you're not actually planning on buying a cake. but be warned, the results are pretty tempting.

note: i was sent a complimentary cake for purposes of review. all opinions are honest and my own.


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