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crispy duck wraps with chocolate hoisin sauce.

One of my favourite Chinese recipes - crispy roast duck with sticky hoisin sauce and crunchy spring onions and cucumber. Except here's the twist. Since dark chocolate is said to enhance savoury flavours in the likes of chilli con carne, bolognese and barbecue sauce, I thought I'd give it a whirl in hoisin. It turns out that the sweet tang and salty soy goes perfectly with 80% cocoa solids found in Lindt dark chocolate. It definitely adds an extra something something.

Shopping list.
(Serves two)

For the duck
♥ Half a duck
♥ 1 tsp five spice
♥ 1 tsp sea salt
♥ 2 tsp soy sauce
♥ 1 tsp ground ginger

For the chocolate hoisin sauce
♥ 3 tbsp soy sauce
♥ 1 tbsp brown sugar
♥ 1 tsbp sesame oil
♥ 10g 80% dark chocolate

To accompany
♥ Chinese pancakes
♥ Cucumber, sliced
♥ Spring onion, sliced

Step one. Begin by marinating the duck and skin in the spices, soy sauce and salt. Roast for an hour on 180 degrees.  In the last ten minutes, turn it up to 220 degrees until crispy.

Step two. Make the sauce by mixing together the soy, sugar and sesame oil together on a low heat. Bring to the boil and then simmer and stir for five minutes until thickened. Add in the chocolate and stir until melted.

Step three. Prepare the coordinating ingredients of cucumber, spring onion and pancakes.

Step four. Remove the duck from the oven and shred with two forks.

Step five. Serve up the duck with the pancakes, cucumber and onion - ready to roll!

Have you ever tried chocolate in savoury dishes? How about in a sauce?

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Note: I was sent a variety of Lindt chocolate for my consideration. I was not expected to write a recipe or positive review. Recipe and photographs are my own.


  1. Oh these sound amazing! I have used a little bit of chocolate in some savory cooking like this and it really does work well.

  2. I'd never even thought of adding chocolate to something like this! Amazing :)

  3. I love crispy duck rolls so much. The chocolate hoisin sauce sounds genius! Will have to try this! Have yummed and pinned!

  4. I love crispy duck with hoisin and I would love to try it with the chocolate addition

  5. Ooh chocolate hoisin sauce. That sounds fabulous and well worth making. Thanks for linking to my chocshuka :)

  6. Oh my god this post has made me so hungry! There is nothing better than crispy duck pancakes, I definitely want to have a go at making my own now :)
    MissPond | Lifestyle Blog

  7. I think this has to be eaten to be believed! Looks amazing!!

    Cate in the Kitchen

  8. these look so tasty, and chocolate in the sauce is inspired!