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marley spoon recipe box review.

Creating great recipes and delivering them conveniently to you door. That’s what Marley Spoon do best. Joining the meal box revolution, the British based brand sources market-fresh ingredients and creates chef designed recipes to inspire the newbie cook.

In the spirit of Summer, they kindly sent me a few of their new BBQ recipes to try. Having seen them featured in delicious and Olive magazines, I couldn’t wait to get my pinny on and try them out.

I chose to have them delivered on the first day back from my holiday. Although I love cooking (I think), sometimes healthy convenience hits the nail on the head. (And stops me from venturing to the award winning chippy on my doorstep…) 

First on the menu were their BBQ bacon burgers with chilli wedges. The lovely and colourful recipe cards spelt out the recipe in just six steps, keeping them on an even keel to other great meal boxes I’ve tried. As you can see, the great produce promise was also delivered with this delicious streaky bacon and fantastic quality beef. There were a few corner cutting tips too, keeping the skin on chips and pimping up some Heinz BBQ sauce. The produce didn’t suffer at all, so I was cool with that.

As you can see, I produced a rather lip smacking burger in around 30-45 minutes. That’s your average wait at a burger joint in London – so high five to that!

Second up on this BBQ inspired bonanza were beef tacos. Instead of me making them, I challenged my boyfriend to have a go at the recipe. (I was on my way back from afternoon tea…)

Although my boyfriend makes a mean curry and an ever meaner tomato sauce, I don’t think he’d mind admitting that I’m usually head chef. So this was a great experiment that turned into a delicious plate of beef tacos. The lime aioli was especially inspiring and something I’ve made since. This was again super simple to whip up and the produce was vibrant and of great quality. The tacos were also made of corn, which not only are gluten free but didn't leave me feeling too stuffed either.

Overall, as you can see I was pretty chuffed with the turnout of the recipes. Nothing was missing from the box, there was no wastage and all the brown paper packaging could be easily recycled. Their recipes never have more than 6 steps and the boxes on even have the exact ingredients you need.

What stood out amongst other meal box deliveries here was the flexibility – you can customise your box a lot more than other ones I’ve tried. That includes recipes as well as trying just 2 meals or week, or increasing it to 3. The choice of a meat or veggie box from other brands has started to grate on me, since I’m not vegetarian but would love the option to try those recipes. Similarly, the fish is always featured in the meat box so if I fancy a veggie box then I might miss out on a nice looking salmon recipe.

Inevitably, if I got meal boxes every week then it’s safe to say I’d have nothing left to blog about! I’m their target market to a point, but as we all know I like to develop my own recipes in the kitchen. For seasoned foodies, this box would be brilliant for a treat, fresh inspiration and lazy weeks. For novice cooks with little time to plan and prep, the box is just the ticket for fresh and filling recipes that keep your paws out of that Nutella jar. Well, most of the time.

Have you tried a Marley Spoon box? What's your favourite meal box?


Note: I received a complimentary Marley Spoon box for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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