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soften up the colder mornings with belvita soft bakes.

The clocks have officially gone back and Autumn has begun. No more wishing for an unexpected September heatwave - let's dig out our cable knits and embrace the season in all its chilly glory. I for one have already invested in my Autumn coat and am sporting my favourite tartan scarf. The clocks going back is always a nostalgic one for me, since it bring back memories of my birthday being just around the corner. (Hint hint, it's November 8th...) 

Luckily for us, belVita have made getting up on our first dark October morning that little bit easier with their new flavours of Soft Bakes. With a choice of Red Berries or Golden Grain, I'll certainly be digging into mine this morning with a piping hot mug of pumpkin spice latte

The soft bakes themselves are made with five wholegrains and are rich in cereals; so lots of sustainable slow carbohydrates to keep you going until lunch time. They also contain lots of goodness in the form of vitamins b6, iron and magnesium, making them a rather healthy but tasty option. Throw in a piece of fruit on the go and you've got yourself a rather balanced breakfast there.

Despite not usually liking fruity desserts, my favourite is definitely the red berries. The oaty delights have little pops of cranberries, raspberries and blueberries with blueberry juice to sweeten them up. The golden grain has a comforting and sweet taste alongside the wholesome oats. I've heard Tesco are exclusively making chocolate chip ones too - if they take your fancy!

With five in a pack and a recommended retail price of £2.79, that's pretty good value to sort out your weekly breakfasts. Winter, I'm ready for you! #morningwin 

In collaboration with belVita.


  1. I am super impressed with these. I had one this morning at 9.30, it is now 1.30 and I am not even thinking about food. Certainly one to keep in the cupboard.

  2. I should try these I'm always looking for a filling breakfast.
    Love the travel mug.

  3. I am sooooooo looking forward to trying these next week. They seem like just what I need.