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make it my way: giovanni rana.

Introducing the newest sauce to the Giovanni Rana collection; a rustic Simply Italian Butter and Sage Sauce. A sauce that goes particularly well with mushrooms and Autumnal flavours, yet the simple and subtle flavouring means you can play around with different dishes to create totally different results. I was tasked with developing three dishes, made my way, to showcase the stunning sauce in a variety of ways. 

I was sent a lovely basket of mushrooms to feature in my recipes, as well as some super moreish Italian bread to serve alongside. I need to know what bakery made this! 

The butter and sage sauce itself is made from all natural ingredients, with a glossy texture and understated flavour. The first dish I made was mushroom risotto, stirring through the sage sauce throughout for extra creaminess and flavour.

The next night I created a homemade meatballs dish, stirring part of the sauce through linguine and the majority through the pork meatballs to create a thick sauce. I also added finely chopped onions and mushrooms to the sauce, and baked the meatballs to made them a tad healthier too.

For my third and final dish, I though I'd try out the sauce in a fish dish. This actually turned out to be out favourite and complemented the sauce so well. I pan fried the cod with fresh sage, then served it up on crushed new potatoes with some blanched greens. A really fragrant and flavoursome seafood dish, which showcased the sauce whilst still being light too.

Three totally different dishes that went down really well. Most importantly, it most definitely didn't feel like we had the same sauce three nights in a row. A vegetarian, meat and seafood recipe idea - for however way you fancy trying the new Giovanni Rana sauce.

Post in collaboration with Giovanni Rana. All recipes and opinions my own.


  1. A butter and sage sauce sounds incredible. Creamy and comforting pasta. Yum!

  2. Those dishes all look really appetising, but I think the fish would be my favourite - I bet it's super quick to make too. Brilliant on a busy weeknight!

  3. Butter and sage sauce sounds very yummy! I would love to try it with white fish x

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