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national seafood week at yo! sushi.

This week, you'll probably have seen the delicious seafood recipe inspiration all over social media. With well known fish and unusual varieties alike, National Seafood Week (9th-16th October) has brought out some mouthwatering seafood inspiration whether you like to eat in or dine out. For those who fancy someone else doing the dishes, Yo! Sushi is the perfect place to try out some inspiring Japanese style combinations. With almost 40 seafood dishes to try, I went along this week to indulge in their newest plates, as well as a few firm favourites.

This season's menu sees the launch of Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Yuzu Cured Salmon Salad, Japanese Seabass Ceviche as well as Albacore Tuna and Truffle Ponzu Sashimi. I begun with the Yuzu Cured Salmon; a zesty fruit which is somewhere in between a grapefruit and lemon taste. The fresh and sour flavour was perfect alongside the soft salmon and crunchy cucumber.

Next up was what became my favourite; the Blossom Roll. Also fairly new to the Yo! menu, this crunchy prawn roll is topped with spicy tuna topping and drizzled with a sweet sticky soy glaze. A interesting mix of textures with a sauce that had me licking the plate.

Featuring seared white tuna, truffle ponzu and shichimi, a mixed chilli powder, this Albacore Tuna nigiri was a real treat. Very different from the usual salmon or prawn that tops the popular rice ball, this one had just the right kick without deterring from the fresh tuna taste.

Now for a real premium dish; the current special Seared Tuna & Caviar Sashimi on a £6 plate. The yellowfin tuna sashimi (the sustainable variety) is first marinated in sake and soy and then served with oba leaf and lemony arenka caviar. The peppered seared crust was just beautiful against the light tuna and distinct flavour of the caviar. 

Another treat on the menu is Soft Shell Crab Tempura. I've tried this before at Yo! and it has to be one of my favourites. Everything you'd expect in a tempura with a winning lemon and sweet chilli mayo. I just wish the mayo pot was a bit bigger for dipping purposes!

Showcasing seabass in this dish is the ceviche; accompanied by a medley of citrus juices, melon, onion, and jalepeƱos. I usually love seabass and especially ceviche, but I wasn't a fan of this one. I felt the spice was overpowering and wouldn't be something I'd order again. I know the jalepeƱo gives it away but I think this maybe should be called Spicy Seabass Ceviche for those quickly helping themselves to it off the fast moving belt. My dining buddy and Yo! first timer Alex agreed, although she luckily loves spice and helped me polish it off. 

Alex is a big fan of kimchee and just had to try the Salmon Kimchee Bun, as the oishi buns are fairly recent on the menu too. Made to order, the kimchee marinated salmon is served with lashings of mayo, coriander, spring onions, picked red onion and sesame. We struggled to share this appetising dish, however both thought the kimchee was more subtle than expected. This could be a good thing, although she would happily eat a vat of the stuff.

Firm favourites on the menu, we couldn't go for seafood week and not have the usual Crispy Skin Salmon Roll and Salmon Sashimi. Just £1.90 a plate, I always appreciate how resourceful the crispy salmon dishes are - simply made from the crunchy off cuts and wrapped together the zings of spring onion and toasted nori.

I don't think I'll ever visit any sushi restaurant without trying the salmon sashimi. My favourite used to be the sesame seared salmon, which is no longer on the menu. Bring it back Yo!

Alex was very good letting me try all these amazing seafood dishes - I even treated her to choosing a few extras for herself. These came in the form of Beef Tataki as well as the new Miso Dumpling Ramen. The seared beef (tataki is the name for sashimi which has been seared and thinly sliced) was like the Japanese answer to carpaccio, with an Asian inspired coriander dressing and super peppery after taste.

The ramen was a welcome addition to the menu, and could easily be a reasonably priced lunch with the larger £8 sumo bowl option. This £3.60 taster came with soft vegetable gyoza and a choice of ramen noodles or rice in a miso broth with chilli sesame oil. Perfect and warming if you've got a cold - we shared a dumpling each and enjoyed the ramen too. I suspect the ramen also had wakame throughout the dish too, which is part of the seaweed family and has that distinctive savoury umami taste.

What are your Yo! Sushi seafood faves? Have you tried any of the new dishes?

We went along to the Highcross Leicester branch - find your nearest Yo! here...

Note: We dined as guests of Yo! Sushi. All opinions (and Alex's!) are honest and my own.


  1. Love the sound of the ceviche and the albacore tuna

  2. I love sushi - Yo sushi was how I and many others discovered how delicious it is :)