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create your own customised beer at home with brewbarrel.

Brewbarrel Beer Review

Brew your own personalised beer with Brewbarrel. From the style of beer, hops and added flavours, design your very own beer and then make it from a bespoke brewing kit in your own home. The lovely lot at Brewbarrel offered to send me my choice of their homebrew beer. Ready for the festive season, I thought it apt to try out their Christmas beer made with orange, cinnamon, cloves and juniper berries. Perfect for a Christmas gift idea or maybe a merry treat for yourself!

Home Brew Beer Review

The beer itself only takes 1-2 weeks to make. You get a simple pack of all the clearly labelled elements you need in order to make your beer creation! Step by step, you add in the various parts along with hot and cold water to brew your beer. Coming originally from the brewery town of Burton-upon-Trent, I just love the smells of hops and find them rather nostaglic.

Over the course of the week, you're instructed to turn the beer barrel and move it into the fridge for the last few days of brewing. It's maybe around a foot tall so just little reshuffle of your cheese and condiments and you're good to go - but something to bear in mind. 

Brewbarrel Home Brew Beer Review

And there you have it - it really is as simple as that! The beers range from dark oak and cherry to lighter mango and lime flavours. The choice really is yours - and there are hundreds of possible combinations. The Christmas beer has a delightfully subtle festive flavour with quite a hoppy and light taste. It is definitely not overly Christmassy so I think beer connoisseurs would still enjoy the flavour without thinking it was just a novelty drink. he quality of the ingredients really does shine through. 

With Christmas around the corner, you still have lots of time to make your own beer in time to impress your friends. Or of course, it would make a brilliant Christmas gift idea too! Prices start from £27 and vouchers are available too. Find our more at Brewbarrel...

Note: I was sent a complimentary Brewbarrel to review.


  1. Oh my days, this would be a perfect pressie for someone I know. I know you said the barrel has to go in the fridge, but is it a pain in the butt?

    1. Hello! It's awesome! You do have to take a shelf out so just don't do a crazy big shop beforehand! It's not that big though x

  2. Ooh this sounds like so much fun. Definitely one to get my husband for Christmas...! Love the sound of the festive beer :)

  3. Oooh. I might just give this to the OH for XMAS.