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my 500th blog post.

My 500th blog post. Wow, that's a lot isn't it. A lot of words. Even more so, a lot of food. Countless cups of afternoon tea, sushi rolls, spaghetti twirls and avocado on toast later... and I'm not really sure what to say. When I started my food blog back in January 2011, I hadn't a clue what fun foodie adventures it'd take me on. So I thought I'd put together a few of my fave parts, for old times sake.

The first post. 
Oh yes, the chocolate truffles that started this whole bloggy thing. Probably don't read the whole post. Although you do get to see my happy little 22 year old face looking longingly at a tray of homemade truffles. 

The Bakewell tarts.
No YOU'RE obsessed with Bakewell tarts. Seriously though, it's beyond a joke now. I will attempt to turn anything I can get my hands on into a Bakewell inspired delight/disaster. (The first picture is actually a Bakewell cocktail from 34 Windsor Street - highly recommended!)

The Bakewell mess.
Which leads me seamlessly on to... Mixing whipped double cream, almonds, cherries, almond essence and everything else amazing, this Bakewell eton mess is a must for any party. Or like me, make a batch of 6 and eat them all in 48 hours.

For the love of sushi. 
Another of my loves comes in the form of sushi. Give me a plate of salmon sashimi, bowl of soy sauce and a pair of chop sticks and you can just leave me to it. I will probably order the salmon and avocado dish, soft shell crab tempura and a controversial California Roll. Luckily for me, The Basin in Loughborough serves the best sesame prawn toast known to man. In London, a favourite for me has to be Sticks & Sushi

All of the brunch.
Whether you're at home or on the move around the hours of 10-11 on a weekend, avocado is a must. Maybe even smoked salmon or a gooey egg. I love the breakfasts at Modern Pantry near Farringdon - and I'm pretty sure they do the best matcha green tea latte ever.

Salted caramel.
Along with well seasoned avocado and no churn ice cream, salted caramel is probably one of my best discoveries of the last few years. Thank you food blogging world. Type in salted caramel into Pinterest and your eyes will light up, whilst your waistline cries. My contribution to the salted cazza community is this chocolate and salted caramel tart served with lashings of double cream.

Trying new techniques.
After the best gift ever from my grandparents of a pasta machine - I went a bit homemade pasta crazy here on the blog! As well as this, I've been inspired by other food bloggers to improve my baking, knife skills and try out the likes of tempura, fritters and scotch eggs in my mini fryer. I still haven't successfully made hollandaise sauce, but there's still time. 

Learning new skills.
Food blogging has lead me to love cookery classes. From slicing sashimi to wrapping up won tons, I've loved throwing myself into solo cooking classes and meeting new people along the way. Time just flies when you're making spring rolls and chatting to strangers about Chinese food.

Eating local. And meeting local!
The midlands food bloggers are a lovely lot. We've met up a number of times now for everything from tapas to afternoon tea. It's also great to explore the local restaurants and bars around us, most recently Oaks in Nottingham and one of my favourites to date - The Olive Branch in Clipsham near Rutland. 

Getting creative with the seasons.
Nothing makes a blogger happier than a national day. National Chocolate Week anyone? Or how about National Burger Day? Playing around with gory Halloween bakes and getting cosy for Christmas - it's always such a fun challenge thinking of your next recipe. One of my faves so far is this Creme Egg Bakewell Tart, especially for Easter of course. 

Afternoon tea. And the afternoon tea cake. 
Along with my afternoon tea partner in crime, aka my mum, we've not shied away from nibbling sarnies, delicate cakes and sipping on Earl Grey all in the name of reviewing. We also made an afternoon tea cake together which was pretty sweet (in all senses of the word). Okay so we probably would have done all this even if I wasn't a food blogger, but it's a pretty good excuse.

The cheeseburger macarons. 
Last but not least on my list; the cheeseburger macarons. Switching out a burger patty for Nutella, these sesame seeded macaron shells are anything but burger. I enjoyed making these so much! But mostly I enjoyed eating them...

Has your blog hit any special milestones lately? Whether it's just a few months or you're a blogging veteran, I'd love to hear your stories about your blogging journey!


  1. Congratulations on 500 blog posts - that's insane! Love your creativity with baking - those cheeseburger macarons are amazing!

    Kathryn x

  2. This is amazing! Congratulations Em :)
    I can't believe I've been blogging for 2 years now, it's a mad ol' journey.

    Luchia x

  3. Congratulations Emily! Your blog is absolutely wonderful

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