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malteser macarons.

Macaron Recipes

Mad about macarons? Can't resist a packet of Maltesers or three? These Malteser macarons might be your dream come true. Made with chocolate macaron shells and filled with a crunchy Malteser buttercream, you can make these a gift and package them all back up in the original box. Or, you know, eat the lot to yourself...

Malteser Macaron Recipe
Malteser Macarons UK

Shopping list.
(Make 12 medium or 24 mini macarons)
♥ Two egg whites, at room temperature
♥ 75g caster sugar
♥ 80g icing sugar, sieved
♥ 10g good quality cocoa powder
♥ 75g almonds, sieved until fine with lumps discarded

For the Malteser buttercream
♥ 100g unsalted butter
♥ 200g icing sugar
♥ 60g Maltesers, crushed  (There are 37g in a bag but that means two bag, plus an extra treat for the chef)
♥ A drop of milk or water if the mix is too thick

Step one. Make the buttercream ahead by whipping together the ingredients. Use an electric balloon whisk for 10 minutes for extra thick and fluffy buttercream. Set aside.

Malteser Buttercream

Step two.  Make basic macarons using this handy macaron recipe guide. As these have a chocolate shell, add in the cocoa powder with the icing sugar. You also omit the food colouring from this one as the cocoa powder colours the macarons brown.

Step three. Pipe in the Malteser buttercream and twist the shells together to make a complete macaron. Enjoy!

Malteser Macarons Recipe

Serve in a Malteser box for added Malteser loving effect! Or individually for a sweet treat or wedding favour.

Malteser Macarons
Malteser Macarons UK Recipe
Malteser Macarons Recipe Food Blogger
Malteser Macarons Wedding Favours

Have you ever made macarons? What would be your favourite flavour made from a chocolate bar? Find my other macaron recipes here.

How to make Malteser Macarons Pinterest


  1. I have STILL never tried making Macarons... these look really good as usual though Emily, bravo!


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  2. Oh my oh my! These look utterly AMAZING!!!!! I'm going to pin these as a baking project for the Easter holidays... just gorgeous. I'm going to daydream about these all day now :-)

  3. What an awesome idea!! Just love the look of these, incredible!

  4. Mmm they sound delicious and are so cute!! Love the infographic you created, very helpful :)

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. These look incredible!
    Leanne | Little Babble

  6. I keep meaning to make some macarons! These are exactly what I need, they look great :) x

  7. These look amazing, will have to try these!

  8. These look fab. I will have to give these a go.

  9. These look fab. I will have to give these a go.

  10. Look delicious. Never tried this combination before

  11. Oh wow!! I need to try these, my children loves Maltesers too xxx

  12. I have not tried macaroons yet but I love malteasers and these look so tasty. Will have to try them!!

  13. These sound delicious and not difficult to make. I shall definitely give them a try.

  14. Oh my gosh, macarons and maltesers - my two favourite things

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