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hellofresh: chefworthy dishes delivered to your door.

HelloFresh have fast become known for their seasonal recipe boxes, making cooking fresh, colouring and exciting meals on busy weeknights as easy as 1, 2, 3. You simply choose between a two or four person vegetarian, meat or family box and a week to suit you... then hey presto the ingredients come weighed and packaged direct to your door. The simple-to-follow recipes are a great way of trying something new without having any food waste. We all know how many condiments, herbs and spices we have lurking in the cupboard from 2014...

So this month HelloFresh are celebrating the brains behind the beautifully thought out menus each week... their resident chefs! This particular Top Chef recipe was Roasted Curried Parsnips with Cumin Quinoa Pilaf and Pomegranate Seeds and featured in their most recent vegetarian box.

As promised, the recipe itself took no more than 35 minutes. The card let me know that is was a healthy option (good to hear) and was spicy too. It certainly had a kick but was a warming cumin and curry flavour which went well with the cooling mint dip and refreshing pomegranate seeds.

Those who read my blog now and again will know that sweet with savoury wouldn't be my first choice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the nutty toasted pistachio with the cooling pomegranate and earthy parsnip. I was surprised how well they worked in the dish, since I've only really had roast parsnip with a roast dinner before now.

Having ordered HelloFresh a few times before, I always enjoy the colourful recipe cards with clear instructions and a little foodie fact on. In addition to this, Victoria, one of the chefs over at HelloFresh gave an insight into her curry tips and tricks...

HelloFresh chef Victoria’s secret to spice: “To get a really rich, deep and earthy flavour for spices in curries, sauces and stews, I like to dry fry my spices (that means without any oil or liquids). Dry fry them until you start to get a nice waft of fragrance from the spice. Then add them to your curry."

Who knew? Definitely trying that one next time!

Overall this veggie dish was a winner all round. Towards your five a day with fresh herbs, vibrant garnishes and interesting textures - it ticks all the boxes. Plus the fact I was eating it before half 6 was a winner for me.

This September, HelloFresh’s in-house chefs Patrick, Mimi, Victoria and Andre are challenging home cooks to become top chefs in 21 days, providing exclusive access to a database of delicious recipes and expert tips. The chefs will also be hosting a series of live Facebook cook-a-long events and Twitter Q&A’s direct from the Fresh Farm at the London based HelloFresh HQ. Sign up here to get exclusive access to the recipes and online events.

Monday 12th September at 6pm - Victoria & Andre
Ask HelloFresh's Chef's questions on healthier cooking

Monday 26th September at 6pm - Patrick & Mimi Ask HelloFresh Chefs how to face your kitchen fears

In collaboration with HelloFresh. All words and photography my own.

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