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raspberry and rosewater jam: #iamajam.

A homemade raspberry and rosewater jam, created using Tate & Lyle's Fairtrade jam sugar. The 1:1 jam is specially created to make a traditional jam that uses 1kg fruit to 1kg sugar. With blackberry, summer berry and strawberry and Prosecco making up their lovely recipe ideas, I opted for raspberry and rosewater. A fruity and fragrant mix, the recipe proved to make a really thick and chunky jam which kept the raspberry seeds intact. And what's more, it was so much more simple than I expected.

The recipe begins with the aforementioned 1:1 ratio of fruit. I didn't use the whole bag of sugar and instead used 400g of raspberries to the expected 400g of jam sugar. 

Ahead of making the jam, you are advised to put a plate in the freezer ready for checking if you jam is ready later on. You will also want to ensure your jam jars are sterilised by gently heating them in a low oven (130 degrees) for around 15 minutes.

You simply start by simmering the fruit and gradually adding the sugar until completely dissolved.

Using the jam kit's sugar thermometer, you then bring the fruit to a steady boil for around ten minutes. It has reached setting point at 105 degrees celsius and is ready to test. 

You test the jam is ready by simply adding a dollop to the chilled plate and seeing if it wrinkles when pushed with your finger. Mine didn't straight away and needed another 7-8 minutes. Then, remove any fruit sediment with a slotted spoon. Lastly I added the rosewater, stirred through and allowed to completely cool.

It's now finally ready to put into pretty jars, add some ribbon and create labels! The kit came with a funnel for no-fuss jam decanting and some cute stickers to label up my jars.

The homemade jam making kit was genuinely super easy to use and the whole process took less then half an hour. I was actually really surprised at the success of my jam (I've only made a plum and ginger jam and chutney once before). The flavours were lovely and I'm especially looking forward to trying this jam in a baking recipe. Jammie dodgers? Watch this space!

Have you ever made homemade jam? Or tried the Tate & Lyle jam sugar? What flavour would you have chosen to make? Find out more about the nation's jam making adventures on the hashtag #iamajam!

In collaboration with Tate & Lyle

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