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gin basil fizz.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to next year! Especially for New Year's Eve, I've rustled up a super simple cocktail recipe combining a couple of my favourite drinks components - gin and Prosecco. This fizzy gin cocktail recipe is lifted by fresh basil to bring out the spirit's botanicals. Cheers!

Shopping list. 
(Makes one)
♥ 50ml your favourite gin
♥ Fresh basil leaves
♥ Chilled prosecco

Step one. Add your basil to a glass with the gin and muddle together with a spoon for a minute to so.

Step two. Pour in your chosen glass and simply top up with fizz! Garnish with extra basil.

Oh and the pretty glasses? They're from Next! They were last season but they have some new metallic wine glasses here.

Have you got your signature tipple ready for NYE? How will you be spending your evening? I have a few healthy recipes lined up for 2020 so see you on the other side!


  1. What a lovely cocktail Emily! Very refreshing and perfect for any celebration :)

    1. Thanks so much Emma. True - no need to wait for next NYE :)

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