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homemade turkey burgers with avocado and houmous.

Just like 2019, 2018 and, come to think of it, most years before that, I'll be eating many burgers in 2020. Whether they're stacked to the ceiling, an interesting veggie option or a classic cheeseburger, I'm always game when it comes to a good quality patty, layered up fillings and a bouncy burger bun. If you're hoping to eat more vegetables, try out healthier meats, cut back on sugary sauces or perhaps get more grains in your day, I've created a burger recipe to give you a bit of inspiration. So next time you're making a burger a home, perhaps you could give these ideas a try. This is part of my healthy swaps collaboration with Central England Cooperative, where you can find lots more recipes here.

Shopping list.
♥ 250g turkey thigh mince
♥ A pinch of paprika
♥ A pinch of red chilli flakes
♥ Salt and black pepper to season
♥ Sliced mature lighter cheese or similar
♥ Sunflower oil spray

♥ One ripe avocado
♥ Red pepper houmous or similar
♥ Who wholemeal burger buns
♥ Wholegrain rice with quinoa, tomato and basil to accompany

All available at your local Central England Co-op store

Step one. Begin by seasoning the turkey mince as desired with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and paprika. Split into two 125g patties and flatten.

Step two. Add a pan to a medium heat, spritz some sunflower spray and cook the turkey burgers for around 8 minutes a side, until cooked right through.

Step three. Meanwhile, smash you avocado and season to taste.

Step four. Add your houmous to your cobs (rolls, bread rolls, baps...) read for the turkey burgers.

Step five. When your burgers are nearly ready, add the cheese to the top and allow to slightly melt.

Step six. Add your burgers to your houmous topped buns and layer on the avocado mix. Finish by adding the burger top.

I also served with tomato and basil quinoa which only takes around 3 minutes in the microwave, as a protein and wholegrain packed alternative to chips.

Have you ever made turkey burgers? Would you ever add avocado or houmous to your burger?

In collaboration with Central England Co-op

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