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vegan piña colada style smoothie.

Vegan dairy free smoothie recipe

Combining fruity flavours inspired by the Piña Colada cocktail, this tropical inspired drink features creamy coconut milk, wholesome banana and tangy pineapple juice to create a refreshing Summer treat. Simply whizz up the ingredients to create this dairy free, gluten free non-alcoholic Piña Colada style smoothie which goes towards your five a day. I've teamed up with the lovely lot at Wayfair to bring you a bright and bold smoothie idea, featuring their quirky mason jar glasses and rustic wooden holder. 

Vegan smoothie recipe
Vegan smoothie recipe

Shopping list.
(Makes two)
♥ 150ml coconut drinking milk (not the cooking kind)
♥ One ripe banana 
♥ 50ml fresh pineapple juice
♥ Pineapple chunks to garnish

Step one. Chop your banana and save a couple of slices aside for the garnish.

Step two. Simple whizz up the coconut milk, pineapple juice and remaining banana. 

Step three. Serve up immediately in your mason glass and of course garnish with an obligatory striped straw, pineapple and banana!

Vegan dairy free smoothie recipes
Vegan dairy free smoothie recipes UK

What are your favourite Summer drinks recipes? Do you have any go-to mocktails or dairy free smoothie ideas? Oh, and if you love the glass set as much as I do, you can find the four jar set here for RRP. £22.99.

piña colada style smoothie.
Vegan plant based piña colada style smoothie.

In collaboration with Wayfair


  1. I love the classic Pina Colada! But since I'm pregnant, this smoothie is simply perfect for me... YUM!

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  2. I love this smoothie twist on a pina colada. Those tropical flavours are perfect for summer.

  3. I'm loving people's creativity these days with vegan recipes. Just goes to show there's no excuse to live off animals, just look at this fantastic drink!

  4. vegan piña colada is so appetizing and energetic. It is best for your health and eyes. 4 Months ago I had learned about it on Assignment Help UK there were some benefits mentioned over there about vegan piña colada. I was so excited to try it, so tasty and a mouth-watering drink. Everyone should try this drink, it is heavy but so much healthful.

  5. I adore how long and involved your blog was - and I adore your sense of humor! I'm going to make this recipe, as well as a few others, tonight! I have all of the ingredients for book trailer video the recipes and am looking forward to trying them out.

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