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plant based kashmiri spice pizza.

As well as grab-and-go snacks, convenient vegan ready meals and delicious desserts, Co-op have added a pizza to their GRO range, their plant based options that have proved popular with vegans and omnivores alike.

Aside from the fact that it is totally plant based, I was intrigued by the Indian inspired flavours. Not to mention how these would work the the addition of cheese that is anything but paneer. The clever Co-op chefs have created a spiced cauliflower and chilli topping with Kashmiri-style sauce and stringy MozzaRisella - a well-known vegan cheese brand. So what were my thoughts?

They say you eat with your eyes and wow, this certainly looks inviting. Bursting with colour of the coriander and chillies, you're hoping that it's a party in your mouth aswell. The packaging itself is cool and modern too, as well as being recyclable as long as it doesn't still have food on it.

This is a pizza for spice lovers for sure. Even the parts that don't have red chillies on have a Kashmiri inspired kick. And as for the cheese, that works too. But more of all, it melts! It's very much like a fancy naan bread that would work alongside a curry night, whilst being a delicious pizza in its own right.

I added this section just to talk about how great the texture is. I loved that the cauliflower was broken up in small crumbly pieces amongst the gooey cheese and slightly crisp base. The dough itself was a hit, making for a thin and slightly charred pizza base, with a bit of bite.

At £3.50 for a fairly small 250g pizza, I think this is pretty good value, when you compare it to the price of a takeaway and buying dairy free cheese. It would easily be a meal for one, as snacks to share or halved with a salad, slaw or chips. Dare I say, it may even work with a pilau rice.

Would I try it again? Most definitely! See the full product here and well as other GRO range additions.

Would you try it? What are your thoughts to an Indian inspired pizza?

In collaboration with Central England Cooperative


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