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convenient veggie meals with goodlife.

Looking to get more veggies into your diet but are always on the go? Perhaps you want to try out more vegetarian meals but don't know where to start? Want ideas for 5:2 meals? Having really enjoyed the GoodLife vegetarian sausages, kievs and falafels, I couldn't wait to try out the newest additions to the range. Coming in at under 300 calories and towards three of your five a day, these tasty meals are perfect for stocking up your trusty freezer with go-to healthy meals.

So, the range currently includes a three bean chilli and vegetable masala, found in the Morrisons freezer aisle. Both being accompanied by the very on-trend cauliflower rice helps keep the calories down whilst going towards your daily vegetable intake. Clever, huh? And however much I do love curries with rice, you really don't miss the real thing all that much.

If you have a microwave, the meals take eight minutes from freezer to table. I don't, so using the oven took 30-35 minutes. I just pottered about in the garden or cleaned the kitchen and before I knew it, dinner was ready.

My favourite was probably the chilli, which is made up of red and white kidney beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, sweetcorn, red pepper, smoked paprika, coriander, cumin and chipotle chilli powder. A wholesome and warming medley which was perfect topped with fresh and fragrant coriander. Vegans will be pleased to know this one is dairy free too!

The masala was the ideal heat for me too, with a creamy edge from the coconut milk. Packed with sweet potatoes, red peppers, chickpeas and lentils, this no-nasties curry throws all those freezer meal preconceptions out of the window.`I always think people don't realise how your freezer can be a foodies best friend, and is the ideal way for getting healthy grub in a convenient way.

The meals are currently retailing at £2 each and are found in the freezer aisle at Morrisons. Would you try one out? What flavour would you go for? Have you ever tried cauliflower rice as an alternative side?

In collaboration with Goodlife


  1. this looks delicious! i am a vegetarian and my Wife is Vegan, always happy to discover new dishes.

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