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recipes to finally try now love island is over.

Love Island 2017, what a rollercoaster it has been. Aside from hundreds of foodie snaps, favourite new recipes and restaurant recommendations, my Twitter feed has been rather full of the latest Love Island gossip. And, I'm not complaining. If 9-10pm on ITV was a restaurant I'd be leaving a pretty hefty tip for services to my weeknight entertainment. But, as Monday 24th July will now forever be known as the Love Island finale day, what are we going to do with ourselves 9-10pm every night, or even on Sunday, without a double hit of After Sun?

Foodies, have no fear, I've compiled a list featuring some of my favourite blogs (and fellow Love Island fans) of recipes to fill that free hour you're now not glued to ITV2. 

Master those macarons
Nothing says, "Hello, I've got six hours of my week back!" like having a go at these macarons. This pesky patisserie took a while to get right, and are definitely a labour of love (island... sorry). Take a look at my step by step macaron guide and let me know how you get on! When you've got the basics down, have a go at recreating your favourite chocolate bar - such as these Malteser macarons.

Try something new
I mean, do you really need an excuse to make chocolate bark fit for a unicorn? Embrace the tropical vibes of this white chocolate sunset bark from What Charlotte Baked. Super easy to put together for such impressive results. Serving suggestion: Make on the Tuesday night, enjoy on Wednesday night. Repeat.

Bake that cake from your bookmarks
A budding baker guilty of bookmarking every droolworthy cake you see on Instagram? NOW IS THE TIME. Just a flick through Becky's Biscuit Bases blog can trigger serious cheesecake envy, with most recipes taking less than an hour. How gorgeous are these Mini Mojito Cheesecakes

And forget dunking those biscuits into your 9pm cuppa, instead try out Becky's takes on the classics. Think Jammie Dodger Cheesecake and the newly added Custard Cream topped delight. Or if you're a bit of a baking beginner, try out these super easy no bake chocolate caramel cornflake bars from Full to the Brum or Cheats Peach Galette from Fab Food 4 All

Plan ahead
Just because Love Island is over doesn't mean Summer ends now (I promise...) Why not get one step ahead by planning some treats for garden parties and barbecues. These Ombré Summer Berry Ice Pops are a rather pretty make-ahead treat for those blazin' days.

Make the ultimate comfort food
Take time to create an indulgent dish that Montana would be proud of. Now you've got that hour back, there's no excuse to spend a little extra time on that risotto or ditch those takeaways in favour of hearty, wholesome recipes. This new Chicken & Pesto Parmesan Gnocchi recipe from Hungry Harriet looks rather lovely and cheesy. Or have a go at making your favourite risotto combination, taking time to really soften those onions and garlic - honestly it's so worth it! One of my go-tos is this salmon, tomato and basil risotto topped with grilled asparagus.

Perfect homemade pasta
Not got the sweet tooth for macarons or cake but fancy a challenge? Why not have a go at making pasta from scratch? It's seriously therapeutic and with that many shapes and sizes to try, it'll keep you occupied for the equivalent of at least three episodes... Grab my top tips on making homemade pasta here.

How will you be spending your newly found freedom between 9-10pm? Who are/were your favourite couple? 

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  1. What a gorgeous array of recipes. We will be lost at 9pm after tonight as Love Island has had us all gripped to our seats every night! Thanks for including my Peach Galette:-)