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seven must-dos in malta.

From ancient, winding streets to azure blue waters, Malta is 120 square miles of pure discovery. Stretches of stunning scenery, foodie specialities and pages of history make this small European island a destination to tick off your travel to-do list. Found just south of Sicily, sun soaked Malta combines Mediterranean influences with North African culture and cuisine. So if you’re already packing your bags and looking up the weather forecast, here are 7 must-dos, must-sees and must-eats to add to that all important itinerary. `

Dine like a local in Valletta 
Embrace the local cuisine in the old town of Valletta. Arguably the best place to stay on the island, the capital city is host to a plethora of dining destinations. Head to GuzĂ© bistro and brasserie for a seasonal menu inspired by local Maltese and Italian flavours. Famed for rabbit stew, beef olives and wild boar dishes, you’ll also find the likes of antipasti, Mediterranean flavours and local seafood on the menu. Or take in the sights of St. John’s Cathedral whilst enjoying a large Margherita and cold Cisk beer at San Giovanni in the square. 

Discover a little piece of paradise at St Peter’s Pool
Found in the south of the island, St Peter’s Pool is a secluded, natural swimming pool. Boasting the bluest of waters, the unspoilt bay is home to local sealife with a backdrop of striking cliff views. Stop off at Marsaxlokk fishing village and enjoy the fresh catch of the day before heading up to Delimara peninsula to explore the beautiful cove.

Visit the ancient town of Medina 
Take a trip back in time to the archaic town of M’dina. Brimming with history, this central part of the island lies within stone city walls with a population of around 300 people. Dating back to the Bronze Age, this is a destination for the history buffs. 

After a wander around the meandering streets of M’dina, make sure you’ve booked a spot at The Medina Restaurant. With fantastic service from start to finish, the restaurant is rabbit warren of stone walls, crackling fires and mellow candles. Be sure to sample the Maltese Delicacy Platter of pork and coriander sausages, smoked local fish, marinated octopus, traditional goat’s cheese, sundried tomatoes, bigilla and galletti. 

Stroll along St. Paul’s Bay in the sunshine
Build up an appetite for the local seafood with a walk along St. Paul’s Bay. On the other side of the island from St Peter’s Pool, and yet only 15 miles away. Head to Gillieru for their fresh fish and gorgeous balcony setting. Rest assured, non seafood lovers can enjoy homemade pasta dishes and chargrilled steaks. Enjoy a glass of famous Maltese rose, to truly realise the reason that they don’t tend to export it.

Sample an authentic Maltese snack
A must in Malta! Be sure to try a pastizzi - a traditional savoury pastry filled with either ricotta or mushy peas. At around 30 cent each, you’ll find a handful of stalls around bus stations. Wash down with a bottle of Kinnie, a popular (rather orange) Maltese drink with hints of orange, herbal and aniseed flavours.

Immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Blue Lagoon
Explore the untouched, natural beauty of the Blue Lagoon. Hop on a boat trip around the island, with a stop off at the gorgeous bay of Comino. You’ll find boat tours advertised along the Sliema docks, where a variety of tour guides offer buffet banquets, afternoon trips or even boat hire.

Indulge in a 24 carat gold slice of heaven 
Break the budget with a 24 carat gold leaf and white truffle pizza at Margo’s. For just 1,800 Euros, you can indulge in this purse-shattering snack in the quirky and contemporary Neopolitan pizzeria by Valletta town hall. Not to worry, you can easily enjoy a meal for until 50 Euros from the other meal additions. Tried and tested dishes include L’Affumicata, featuring pancetta and fresh smoked mozzarella di bufala, as well as the goat’s cheese and cured pork topped Del Cavaliere.

Malta is truly a breathtaking combination of natural beauty, history and culture, making it a real destination for seasoned foodies and wanderlusters alike. Have you booked your ticket yet?

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