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behind the scenes at my local mcdonald's.

We all have our signature McDonald’s order, memories of the best Happy Meal toy and that favourite limited edition flavour that didn’t stay on the menu for quite long enough. But do you ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at a McDonald’s restaurant? I went along to my local Leicestershire based branch to meet the lovely team, as well as the welcoming francisee himself.

Hello McDonald's. Can I take your order?

Most of us have already thought of this the moment we see that famous golden yellow M in the distance. If we went on long journeys as a kid, we’d get to McDonald’s before that famous 10.30am cut off and all have a “Big Breakfast” meal as a treat. These days for me, I love an occasional Double Sausage McMuffin with Cheese for breakfast with an orange juice. Although I’ve become partial to their flat whites recently, which stood up against Costa and Greggs in a blind taste test.* 

From the main menu I’ve always enjoyed a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal, finding it hard to resist the cheesy mozzarella sticks or bites if they’re on offer. I used to like a cheeseburger with my Happy Meal and can always remember when I graduated from the kids’ offerings to the main event. It’s always been the occasional treat, but always something that takes me back. Wherever you order a McDonald’s in the country, you always know it’s going to taste just like you remember.  Consistency, customer service and showing their traceable, quality ingredients is really key.

So, what’s it like behind the scenes at McDonald’s?

It really is a tight ship; everyone has their role and it seems to run like clockwork. From the precision of each burger stack filling, the turnaround of ingredients and drinks order juggling, everything has an impressive process and somehow a million things are getting done at once. Things that stuck with me were the friendliness, the cleanliness and the pride of working at McDonald’s. The team can see their Drive Thru efficiency in real time and really wanted to get it to 1st in the UK, but getting it to 7th was pretty impressive. Especially as they have 15 seconds to get the order out as you get to the collection window. Dips, drinks and all. 

What’s a shift at McDonald’s like?

After taking off my jewellery, washing my hands thoroughly and adding an attractive hair net to my pristine uniform, I was put to the test with a Big Mac. Working a shift at McDonald’s gave me a real appreciation of the work that goes into that perfect burger. Crew members on the Drive Thru are multitasking like mad to take new orders whilst simultaneously taking the money for the last order, adding on extra dips and parking cars if its not quite ready. What about flipping burgers? With so many combinations to remember in a short space of time, it can really feel like a computer game. So fries must be easy right? If you’ve got good stamina you’ve got a decent chance. But fries go cold quick and are with pretty much every order, so you need to be quick, but not ahead of yourself. Phew.

How has McDonald’s embraced the digital age?

You might have seen all the new tech in your local McDonald’s, where you can order, customise and pay for your meal at the touch of a button. I didn’t realise you can also take a location marker, meaning you can go and relax at a table and wait for your food to be brought to you, of course always with a smile.

You can now even use the app to order in advance, meaning you could request your meal and pick it up at the Drive Thru later on. 

What struck me about this particular Loughborough based McDonald’s is the interior envy I had. I love a yellow and grey palette, as well as bold fonts, geometrics and bevelled tiles. This was just that.

Is a Big Mac with Bacon still a Big Mac?

The Big Mac with Bacon is utterly delicious (even if I did make it myself) and you should go try it right away. However for me, it isn’t still a Big Mac. For me it’s like saying a cheese and tomato pizza is still a margarita if you add mushrooms, or a coffee with chocolate isn’t a mocha. All delicious, but different. 

What do you think, is a Big Mac with Bacon still a Big Mac? Get involved on social media with the hashtag #StillABigMac and #NotABigMac ! What is your classic order at McDonald’s?

In collaboration with McDonalds


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