nutella and kahlua hot chocolate.

nutella and kahlua hot chocolate

A cosy Christmas drink featuring some of my favourite flavours; Nutella and coffee. Combining the perfect aromas of Kahlua coffee liqueur with indulgent chocolate and whipped cream, this is a real festive crowdpleaser. Top it off with a swirl of cream, edible glitter and a candy cane for and extra Christmassy touch. Divine!

nutella and kahlua hot chocolate recipe

Shopping list.
(Makes one Nutella and Kahlua hot chocolate)
♥ 2 tsp good quality drinking chocolate
♥ A splash of milk
♥ 1 tsp Nutella
♥ 50ml Kahlua coffee liqueur
♥ Hot water
♥ Cream, candy canes and sprinkles to decorate

Step one. Begin by making a paste with the drinking chocolate and milk in your chosen mug, cup or glass.

Step two. Stir in the Nutella and Kahlua well.

Step three. Fill with boiling water to the top of the mug. Top with your favourite festive sprinkles!

Have you ever made a Nutella hot chocolate recipe? What are your favourite Christmas hot drink recipes?


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