slow cooker peanut butter pulled pork.

peanut butter pulled pork recipe

A super simple slow cooker recipe embracing the rich flavours of peanut butter with tender pulled pork. Perfect alongside a superfood salad, with your favourite flatbreads or on top of nachos with all the guacamole, sour cream and salsa. It's a really easy recipe to slow cook during the day, ready to tuck into later on, as well as great for being made ahead for a delicious feast or comforting midweek meal. I served mine with flatbreads, tomato and beetroot salad, peanut sauce and mint yoghurt. But the rest, is up to you.

pulled pork recipes
pulled pork peanut butter recipes

Shopping list.
♥ 1.5kg pork shoulder joint, skin removed
♥ 2 tbsp peanut butter
♥ 1 tsp chilli flakes
♥ Your favourite salad; beetroot, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber
♥ Flatbreads or pitta
♥ 50g natural yoghurt
♥ 2 tsp ground mint
♥ Handful of fresh coriander

Step one. Simply add your pork, peanut butter and chilli to your slow cooker and top with water until the pork is covered. Put on a low heat for 8 hours or medium heat for 6 hours.

Step two. Take out the pork and pulled apart with two forks. Strain the remaining liquid for your peanut butter sauce.

Step three. Serve alongside your chosen salad, bread and sides, as well as mint yoghurt and herbs.

If you want to save it for another day, it will keep for up to 3 days and can be reheated once.

Have you ever slow cooked pork? Would you try peanut butter flavoured pork and what would you serve it with?


  1. Oh wow this sounds delicious! I've recently gotten into peanut butter with savoury stuff so I might have to give this a go :)

  2. Sounds superb, definitely giving it a go

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