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homemade strawberry and yoghurt ice pops.


It's ice cream season! Whether you call them ice pops, ice poles or just frozen yoghurt, turn your favourite flavours into iced delights in just a few simple steps. For these, I went for a strawberries and cream inspired froyo recipe with vanilla yoghurt, fresh chopped strawberries and a recent discovery Fabbri Strawberry Syrup, which was kindly gifted. 

A wild strawberry flavour, the syrup is really refreshing and juicy, tasting a lot more like real strawberry juice than other fruit sauces on the market, probably down to 15% of its ingredients being strawberries. As well as the obvious drizzle on desserts, I tried (with success) at freezing it to make these super delicious lollies. 

Shopping list.
Makes four small lollies
♥ 100g vanilla yoghurt
♥ A handful of strawberries
♥ A squeeze of strawberry sauce

Step one. Simply mix the yoghurt and chopped strawberries together in a bowl.

Step two. Squeeze the strawberry sauce into your moulds.

Step three. Add the yoghurt mix, being careful not to overfill.

Step four. Replace the lid and freeze in the freezer overnight.

It's as easy as that! Next I'm trying mango and passionfruit. What would you choose?

Plus, at the moment the fruity sauces from Fabbri all have a ’SAVE 20%’ offer on them from 30th Jun - 20th July 2021.

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In collaboration with Ciao Gusto and Ocado


  1. Thanks for sharing, these look easy to make, and very yummy :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

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