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my top five recipes for fruity american pancakes.

Other than the trendy avocado and poached eggs on toast pairing, you can't beat a stack of freshly flipped pancakes for a lazy breakfast or weekend brunch. In particular, I've mastered a basic 5 ingredient American pancake recipe which makes the perfect fluffy base for a whole host of toppings. What's more, I've found using non-stick hot plate and a tiny spritz of sunflower spray gets great results that are all warm at once. You can also get lots of frozen fruit, or of course freeze the fresh leftovers to use at a later date!

So, why wait until February to enjoy your favourite combination? As part of this month's collaboration with Central England Cooperative, here are a few healthy pancake recipes with delicious combinations that go towards your five a day.

Shopping list.
♥130g self-raising flour
♥ Two large eggs
♥ 150ml milk (almond or soya alternatives optional)
♥ A pinch of salt
♥ Sunflower spray
♥ Your toppings of choice!

All available at your local Central England Co-op store

Step one. Simply whisk all the ingredients together, except for the sunflower spray.

Step two. Heat up a non stick pan or plate, spray some sunflower spray and add spoonfuls of the mix at the time.

*Alexa, play Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurston Harris*

Step three. After a couple of minutes, gently flip and cook for a further few minutes until golden. Top immediately with all your favourite things!

Need some topping inspiration? Here are a few ideas for fruity pancake perfection.

Raspberry, banana, crème fraîche and honey
A winning combination of tart raspberries and sweet banana

Peanut butter, banana and melted dark chocolate
 You'd be nuts not to love this indulgent combination with energy packed peanut and banana

Strawberries, crushed meringue and crème fraîche 
Pancakes meet Eton Mess for this dessert-for-breakfast dish

Blueberries pancakes, topped with banana and crème fraîche With two of your five a day, stir blueberries (if frozen, use less milk) into the mix

Almond pancakes with cherries and almonds
Bakewell tart lovers unite! Simply add almond essence to the mix for that marzipan taste

Have you ever made American pancakes? What are your top fruity pancake recipes? 

In collaboration with Central England Co-op


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